Houston Hot Spots: Where to Eat and Drink in the Big H This Fall

This Heights-area market, serves up everything from produce and dairy to specialty coffees and artisan breads, complete with a full butcher shop and prepared foods.

Houston is getting quite a bit of attention for its culinary scene. The trifecta of excellent farming, ranching and fishing in the area is a major contributor, and there are a slew of new restaurants, bars and markets that are worth checking out. Here’s what’s hot in Houston right now: Underbelly Chef Chris Shepherd opened […]



By: Georgette Diamandis Rotterdam is a fascinating new city in an old historic town. Nearly bombed flat during World War II, the residents decided to reinvent it by encouraging modern architecture starting in the ’50s. Rotterdam has a young vibe and is comprised of over 160 nationalities making it the most multicultural city in The Netherlands. With […]