JetBlue’s Announces New Route and Destination


JetBlue released new information today about some exciting additions to their ever-expanding routes and destinations. First up, they announced that they will now offer flights between Chicago and San Juan, Puerto Rico starting in November. There is a limited time sale on flights. Here are the details: Starting this November, JetBlue will offer daily nonstop […]

What Sandy Took: A Personal View


As the East Coast begins to take stock of the damage wrought by Hurricane Sandy, pictures or flooded cities and destroyed beach communities are pervasive. Some things that people have taken for granted for decades will never be the same: The New York subway system, the coastline in Atlantic city, and the iconic sea-side neighborhood […]

Nantucket With The Boys


Last week when I wrote my column, I thought I was going to be home for a month (a very rare occasion), but right after I pressed send my dad, brother, and nephew called and asked me to jump on a plane and join them in Nantucket. My brother has a house there, and Nantucket […]

Francis Discala Jr. At The Nantucket Wine Festival


By Francis DiScala Jr and Jill Vasil: Nantucket, the fabled island almost 30 miles off the coast of Massachusetts, home of summertime superlatives and quaintness that’s internationally renowned, is almost still asleep in mid-May. The spring thaw has finished and silently, simultaneously opens the manicured gardens and the wildflowers. Pickup trucks stuffed with mowers and […]