Mazatlan: Seafood and Eat It

La Costa Marinera

Mazatlan is rightly praised for its shrimp dishes, but as I discovered, that is not the only seafood to enjoy in this culinary wonderland. I was lucky enough to be part of a group who got to watch the chef at La Costa Marinera prepare ceviche and aguachile. Though similar these two dishes are distinguished […]

Fun Facts About Mazatlan

Mazatlan Beach

I know of no better way to capture the quirky charm of Mazatlan than this list of fun facts I assembled while visiting, in no particular order: Mazatlan is known as the Pearl of the Pacific not because of the gemstone but because of the friendliness of its people and the beauty of its beaches. […]

Meals Beyond Mazatlan

Main Course

Those tourists seeking “authentic” Mexican experiences – I use the quotations to connote both irony and self-recognition – will do well to check out tours to Puerta de Canoas (city of canoes in homage to its canoe building history) and El Quelite, both about one hour from Mazatlan. I recognize that for many authenticity seekers, […]

Sweet Sinaloa

Making Jamoncillos

Sometimes a person just wants to eat something sweet, either to finish a big meal or between meals to quell a rumbling stomach. Or, frankly, sometimes because dulces, as the Mexicans call them, are just so delicious. No visit to Mazatlan and its environs would be complete without a sampling of their sweets. I could […]

Spirits of Mazatlan


When is tequila not tequila? When it is made in Mazatlan. Much in the way the French legislate that only sparkling wine made in the Champagne region can be called such, the Mexican government has decreed that only blue agave based spirits made in Jalisco and three other states can be labeled “tequila”. This creates […]

Hotels in Mazatlan

Marina El Cid

  Even as Spring nears, parts of the US remain blanketed in snow. What better place to thaw out a winter chill than sunny Mazatlan. With no lack of sea sports, great food and culture, Mazatlan is the perfect place to do as much or as little as a traveler wants. Mazatlan offers three distinct […]

Amazing Mazatlan

El Meson de los Laureanos Restaurant

  Recently I spent five days in Mazatlan with a group of writers exploring the food and drink of this port city. No small feat, though I dug into my assignment with enthusiasm. Here are a few things I learned: *The seafood is exceptional, especially Matazlan’s world famous shrimp ceviche. *So is the local tequila, […]

Mazatlan, Mexico – A Cultural Surprise

Walking the streets of Mazatlan

Mazatlan, Mexico is not just miles of beaches, but a thriving cultural destination.  We found ourselves both day in night in the heat of the dynamic colonial style “Old Mazatlan,” or Centro Historico, a 180-block area district with 479 buildings designated as national historic landmarks. Mazatlan, once a celebrity hideout in the 1930’s for Americans, […]