New York’s Finger Lakes, Part 3 — Soaring Mark Twain Country

Glider planes at Harris Hill Soaring

This is part 3 of Georgie Jet’s three-part series on New York’s Finger Lakes. For the rest of the adventure, check out part 1 and part 2. Elmira, New York, rumored to have been named after a tavern owner’s daughter, has a fascinating history. Among many facts, this includes its pre-Revolutionary War inhabitants (the indigenous Cayuga Nation), […]

Quebec’s Saguenay Fjord Park & Saguenay-St. Lawrence Marine Park

Bistro in Tadoussac

This is the second part of my journey into Quebec. Check out part one here. Sleeping under the stars and getting out on the Saguenay Fjord was exactly what I was longing for, so, after spending the previous day in La Baie and St. Rose du Nord (story here), I board the morning Maritime shuttle to Parc […]

Houston Gets Arty

Founded in 1900, The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston's collection numbers more than 56,000 works and embraces the art of antiquity to the present.

Houston is easy to overlook; it doesn’t have the flashiness of Dallas or the indie subculture of Austin. But Texas’ most populous city, and surprisingly the country’s most diverse, has a quiet modesty which makes it a fantastic place to visit. If you can overlook the city’s odd zoning (or lack thereof), Houston is an […]

5 Unique Places for Museum Day Live – 9/29


What better way to spend a Saturday than visiting a local museum and expanding your horizons? This coming Saturday, September 29th, Smithsonian magazine is sponsoring Museum Day Live in which hundreds of museums nationwide will open their doors for free admission. All you have to do is visit and use their interactive map to find […]

Marilyn Monroe: 50 Years Later

Reflections of Florence in the windows of Salvatore Ferragamo

In homage to Marilyn Monroe on this 50th anniversary of her death, Ferragamo is hosting two exhibits in her honor in Florence, Italy.

New Museum Elevates Philadelphia’s Art Scene

The new Barnes Collection is expected to draw art lovers to Philadelphia.

The art world was abuzz recently in anticipation of today’s grand opening of the new Barnes Foundation building in downtown Philadelphia.

The Luxor Hotel’s Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition In Las Vegas


“Fancy strawberries in April and in middle of the ocean. The whole thing is positively uncanny. Why you would think we were at the Riz.” -Lady Lucille Duff Gordon, First Class Passenger RMS Titanic As we eclipse the 100-year anniversary of  the RMS Titanic’s tragic sinking, I’m still just as fascinated of the ship many have referred […]

Cheerio From London

Cheerio from London where I’ve been three times in the last few months. I love this city and could live here (in the summer, that is) if the opportunity ever arose. I stayed at a variety of places, including a refurbished historic hotel, dined at an array of restaurants and walked a lot, especially through most of the city’s royal parks. […]