How New York City Taxi Drivers Are Ripping Off Riders

NYC Jan 2014-002

I like to think of myself as a generous tipper as I usually give waiters and taxi drivers 20% if they provide decent service. But I don’t like it when restaurants automatically add generous tips. I really despise the new New York City taxi tip options when you pay by credit card. See the image […]

7 reasons to stay at Hotel Chandler in New York City

Hotel Chandler NYC bed

Although I’ve been to New York more times than any other city in the world, I still don’t have a good grasp on the city’s hotel scene. That’s because for many years, my family had a studio apartment on the Upper East Side and I stayed there the majority of the time. Unfortunately, we sold […]

Travel Video of the Week: Empire State Building’s first-ever Christmas light show

Empire State Building light show

This Christmas season, New York City is really in the holiday spirit! For the first time ever, New Yorkers and holiday visitors have been given the gift of a Christmas light show on the iconic Empire State Building—not once but five different times. Beginning on Friday, December 20 and closing with the grand finale today—Christmas […]

Cheers to Emily at Measure Lounge at Langham Place, Fifth Avenue

Cheers to Emily

On September 28, the travel industry lost a dear friend, Emily Easter (1978-2013). Emily worked for Hawkins International Public Relations and I met her while on a Seabourn cruise in Turkey and she was a wonderful person, someone I was proud to call a friend. I am devastated by the loss of Emily – she was young, […]

Visiting The September 11 Memorial in New York City

National September 11 Memorial & Museum

Visiting the September 11 Memorial, which is located in lower Manhattan. The Memorial is a national tribute of remembrance and honor to the 2,983 people killed in the terror attacks of September 11, 2001, and February 26, 1993. It’s free to visit, and you no longer need advance reservations (which means lines can be long at peak […]

Website of the Week: Smart Destinations

Smart Destinations

Everyone wants to save money when they travel—including me! If you plan on traveling to a U.S. city and doing a lot of sightseeing (alone or with the family), then you should seriously consider getting a Smart Destinations Go Card, because it’ll save you up to 55% on top attractions. For example, those traveling to […]

Hudson Hotel in New York City

My room and bathroom

I was in New York as a guest of Nokia to check out their new Lumia 1020 phone, and while I was there, Nokia put me up at the Hudson Hotel. I had only been there once previously for a party (they have an incredible scene and a popular outdoor patio that’s a mix between […]

Kitano New York Hotel: You’re Going to the Love the Toilets

Kitano Hotel front desk

Have you ever chosen to stay at a hotel because of their toilets? That’s right, toilets. The Kitano New York Hotel is a relaxing boutique hotel located on Park Avenue and 38th Street. It’s the city’s only Japanese-owned hotel and has an authentic, award-winning Japanese restaurant (they serve Kaiseki cuisine), museum quality artwork and nightly […]