Travel Tip of the Day: Don’t Wait until the Last Minute to Pack

Nat packing

Don’t Wait until the Last Minute to Pack Not many people like packing, but I’ve learned over the years to get it done earlier rather than wait until the last minute because inevitably, something will come up and you’ll get sidetracked and unfocused—or worse, you’ll wake up late and end up in a mad rush to catch […]

10 Things You Don’t Need to Pack


You’ve probably read plenty of articles about what to pack before you take a trip but less often do professional travelers tell you what NOT to pack in your suitcase. Ready to pack smarter? Here are 10 things you don’t need to pack and should leave at home to make your suitcase lighter and more […]

Travel Tip of the Day: Go Halfsies

Joint pack

Go Halfsies If you and your spouse, partner or travel companion are each planning on checking a bag, split your stuff evenly between the two separate bags. That way, if the airline loses one of your bags, you’ll both still have clothes for a few days until they find it.   _________________________________________________________________________________ Want more travel […]