Travel Tip of the Day: Divide Your Clothes


Divide Your Clothes Yesterday’s tip was to not check a bag when making a connection, but I realize that’s sometimes not an option. So, if you’re traveling with another person, my suggestion (beyond putting some clothes in your carry-on) is to put half of your clothes in your companion’s checked bag and put half of their […]

Travel Tip of the Day: Car Trunk Caution


Car Trunk Caution On the road, and really anywhere, don’t leave your valuables in your car—even in the trunk—in plain view. Instead, place your belongings into your trunk before you arrive at your destination. Even in touristy places like in Hawaii, where you would think your stuff would be safe, it’s not necessarily. Don’t take […]

10 Things You Don’t Need to Pack


You’ve probably read plenty of articles about what to pack before you take a trip but less often do professional travelers tell you what NOT to pack in your suitcase. Ready to pack smarter? Here are 10 things you don’t need to pack and should leave at home to make your suitcase lighter and more […]

Travel Tip of the Day: Avoid Wrinkles


Avoid Wrinkles To avoid wrinkling my dressier clothes, I pack them separately in garment bags that I’ve gotten from the dry cleaners. I use the same ones repeatedly so I’m not wasting them and trashing the environment. FYI: I got this photo with Elle Macpherson when I spoke at the Australian Tourism Summit early last […]

Travel Tip of the Day: Go Halfsies

Joint pack

Go Halfsies If you and your spouse, partner or travel companion are each planning on checking a bag, split your stuff evenly between the two separate bags. That way, if the airline loses one of your bags, you’ll both still have clothes for a few days until they find it.   _________________________________________________________________________________ Want more travel […]

Travel Tip of the Day: Bag Your Shoes


Bag Your Shoes Whenever you pack extra shoes in your luggage, be sure to wrap them in a plastic or paper bag. The bottoms of shoes are loaded with germs and you really don’t want them touching your clean (or dirty) clothes.   _________________________________________________________________________________ Want more travel tips? Subscribe to the Daily Travel Tip newsletter! […]

Travel Tip of the Day: Bring a Power Strip

Belkin 3-outlet

Bring a Power Strip Some airports, hotels and cruise ships don’t have a lot of power outlets, which is why I always bring a mini power strip. I use this Belkin with three extra plugs and a USB port so that I can always charge my devices at once. It’s also a great way to […]

Travel News: Week of November 6, 2013


Top Travel News United ups mileage needed for many frequent-flier tickets Spirit Airlines mulls tying fees to flight demand Britney Spears songs are actually being used to fight Somali pirates Alaska updates minimum check in policy to 40 minutes Southwest to offer tablet rentals on select routes Delta to launch 757s with flat-bed seats in […]