Travel App of the Week: Heirloom


I bet you have a ton of old vacation photos in albums collecting dust. You probably don’t have the time to take each photo out, scan it, crop it, and then save it so you can share it with friends and family, do you? If yes, then you should check out Heirloom, a free app […]

Travel Website of the Week: Flytographer


Here’s a brilliant idea that I wish I thought of! Many traveling couples go on vacation and come home to realize that they don’t have any decent photos together. Well, here’s the solution: Hire a photographer to do a photoshoot during your travels using Flytographer. They have photographers in major cities around the world (here’s the full […]

Adventure and solitude at the JW Marriott Guanacaste in Costa Rica, in words and pictures

Chairs at the beach

For years I’ve heard stories describing Costa Rica and all it has to offer and for years, I’ve been eager to experience a particular region of this country. Recently my quest to visit Central America came to fruition and Guanacaste, Costa Rica didn’t in any way fall short of everything I had hoped it would […]

Travel Product of the Week: LyveHome

LyveHome copy

Here’s an interesting new product for travelers who love to take photos (ahem, me and everyone I know). LyveHome is a sleek wireless device that could be the ultimate resource for travelers as it “collects, protects, manages and rediscovers all photos and videos” they take. With LyveHome and the Lyve app, travelers can find peace of mind […]

Travel Tip of the Day: Be Wary of Costumed Characters

Rome Colosseum

Be Wary of Costumed Characters If you’re following me on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, then you know I was recently in Europe with my dad. Our last stop was Rome and our hotel, Palazzo Manfredi, was right next to the Colosseum. Out front were three Italian guys dressed as Roman soldiers and of course my […]

2013: A Year in Photos

Monte Carlo

Miles Flown: 128,122 Segments:97 Carriers: 19 (American, American Eagle, Air Canada, Delta, SWISS, SAS, Express Jet, United, Southwest, Air France, Porter, British Airways, AirKenya, Regional Air, KLM, Pinnacle, Sky Regional, WestJet, Hawaiian) Countries: 17 (USA, Canada, Switzerland, Germany, Denmark, England, France, Monaco, Italy, Kenya, Tanzania, Hungary, Slovakia, Austria, The Netherlands, Northern Ireland, Ireland) States: 15 (FL,TX,CA, NY, MI,NV,GA,TN,AR,CT,NJ,PA.LA,MS,HI)

2012: A Year in Photos

Bekal, India | April 5

2012 Miles Flown:  176,039 Segments: 92 Carriers: 29 (Southwest, Delta, American, Caribbean Airlines, Singapore Airlines, Horizon, Skywest, United, Hawaiian, US Airways, Qatar Airways, Jet Airways, Jet Konnect, Air India, American Eagle, Delta Connection, United Express, Air France, Porter, Air Canada, CommutAir, British Airways, WestJet, Korean Air, Virgin Australia, Direct Air, Qantas, REX, Pinnacle) Countries: 20 (USA, Trinidad and Tobago, Germany, […]

2011: A Year in Photos

September 2011

2011 Countries: 18 (USA, China, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Bahamas, Canada, England, France, Germany, Iceland, Italy, Monaco, Norway, Bermuda, New Zealand, Belize, British Virgin Islands) 2011 States: 22 (FL, CA, NV, IL, OH, CO, GA, NY, CT, TX, RI, PA, WA, VA, NJ, MD, DE, NC, SC, MA, NM, MI) Districts: 2 (Washington D.C., Puerto Rico) […]