Travel Tip of the Day: Clean Hands, Germy Bathroom

Plane sink

Clean Hands, Germy Bathroom Airplane lavatories are full of germs (as discussed in yesterday’s tip), so when I use one (or any public restroom, for that matter) I will open the door when I’m done washing my hands using a paper towel or my shirt sleeve. Howard Hughes? Maybe. Germ free? Definitely.   _________________________________________________________________________________ Tried […]

Travel Tip of the Day: Wear Shoes in the Plane Bathroom

Plane bathroom

Wear Shoes in the Plane Bathroom This should be common sense but surprisingly, it’s not. Don’t ever go into a plane’s lavatory with bare feet or even with just socks on. Wear your shoes! An airplane bathroom is so disgusting and dirty. In fact, I know flight attendants who will keep the shoes they wear […]