Travel Product of the Week: Power Flask

Power Flask

My buddy Spud Hilton introduced me to the Power Flask, which charges three devices at the same time. It’s powered by a 13000mAh rechargeable lithium-ion battery and includes two 30-pin iPad-iPhone connectors, a USB-to-Micro-USB charging cable, a USB-to-Dual-Micro-USB charging cable, and a USB power adaptor. It also features two ultra-bright, built-in flashlight LEDs. Right now, […]

Travel Product of the Week: SIGG Active Top Water Bottle

SIGG Wide Mouth Bottles

About ten years ago I sat next to a world class climber on a flight from L.A. to Chicago. After I told her I was going to be making a connection to Switzerland, she asked if I would be so kind as to buy her a SIGG water bottle. Back then you couldn’t buy SIGG […]

Travel Product of the Week: BassBoomz


One of the perks of my job is that companies send me all kinds of travel products to test out. Half the time I have my friends and family try them since I don’t have that many spare moments—as was the case when I gave a BassBoomz speaker to my wife, Natalie, to try. Long-story-short, […]

Travel Product of the Week: Nokia Lumia 1020

Nokia Lumia 1020

When I arrived home this week there was a surprise in my mailbox…the new Nokia Lumia 1020 phone. I think I mentioned to you that I went to Nokia’s launch party for the phone in NYC (and stayed at the Hudson Hotel) a few weeks ago. At the party, they gave me their Nokia Lumia 920 […]

Product of the Week: HandleBand


Developed by Stanford student Daniel Haarburger, the HandleBand is a cheap and innovative way to mount your smartphone to your bike. Why would you do this? As Haarburger explains, your phone is a powerful tool, and all of us who bike so far haven’t been able to take full advantage. With the HandleBand, you can […]

Product of the Week: SleepPhones


This is an interesting invention for all of those that find headphones bulky, or ear buds irritating because they can be painful or frequently fall out. SleepPhones were developed by a doctor to help drain out noises common to traveling, like a screaming baby on a plane or a noisy hotel room. The cozy, patented […]

Product of the Week: RHA MA450i Noise Isolating In-ear Headphones with Mic

RHA Headphones

Natalie tested out the RHA MA450i Noise Isolating In-ear Headphones with Mic and here’s what she had to say about them: These noise isolating earphones with remote and microphone are a great accessory to keep in your bag when you’re traveling – and even when you’re not! They give really great sound – crystal clear with […]

Product of the Week:

koban’s global lost and found service

There’s going to be tons of rookies taking to the skies this week and even if you are a seasoned traveler you could benefit from Okoban’s global lost and found service. There is no annual fee but they do charge $4 per tag and to get subscribed to their lost and found system. But if […]