Ten Reasons to Visit Puebla, Mexico

Ingredients for Mole

I refer to Puebla as the fourth largest Mexican city that no one has heard of.  While I admit that visiting the historic district of this ancient city without having to swat away milling tourists and dodge tour busses has its attraction, I think it a shame that more people don’t visit, especially those who […]

Amazing Mezcal

My Mezcal

I’ve been a fan of premium tequilas for a decade now but had never had mezcal before my trip to Puebla.  Partially this was a function of my ignorance of this spirit, assuming as I did that it was the stuff of drunken cowpokes swigging down the worm. What I learned was that mezcal, like […]

Talavera Pottery: Feats of Clay

Uriarte Talavera Virgin of Guadalupe

Talavera pottery, how I love thee! Until now, that love has been from afar. Having visited your home in Puebla, my love burns stronger than ever. Okay, so I may be exaggerating a bit, but I have loved these brightly colored tiles and dishware since I hit the West Coast many moons ago. That one […]

Puebla: Four Fabulous Food Finds

Chilaquiles with verde sauce

  When one thinks of Puebla, one thinks of mole poblano, but as I discovered, the Puebla food scene has other delights. Chilaquiles: At our wonderful hotel, El Sueno, I had chilaquiles and fresh fruit every morning. While there are many variations to this dish, what I enjoyed was quartered corn tortillas, lightly fried, then […]

Puebla: Boutique Hotel Heaven

La Quinta Luna Hotel

While in Puebla, I stayed at El Sueno Hotel and Spa, a boutique hotel possessing just the right mix of the historic with a hip and witty charm thoroughly modern in origin, a modernity increasingly evident in Puebla as a new generation takes hold. El Sueno sits on a quiet street just blocks away from […]

Puebla: Ole Mole

Ingredients for mole poblano

Like many Americans, I think of mole as the dark chocolate chile sauce served over chicken – the sauce so complex and rich that I sometimes eat it with a spoon trying to catch all of the subtle flavors. This mole, mole poblano, is but one of many moles made in Mexico, the word “mole” […]