Travel App of the Week: Rail Planner App from Eurail and InterRail

Rail Planner App

Recently I attended a European travel conference and the coolest app I walked away with was the Eurail/InterRail Rail Planner App. Any traveler heading to Europe and planning on using their trains should download it to their smartphone. It’s for both iPhone and Android, and it enables you to plan your European trip by train […]

First Ever France-Switzerland Deluxe Pass from Rail Europe

Traveling to France or Switzerland this fall? Rail Europe Inc., the largest distributor of European rail products in North America, is now offering travelers the chance to explore both countries with the First Class France-Switzerland Deluxe Pass* to enjoy six days of first class train travel within a one-month period at a special discounted price. […]

New Deals from Rail Europe!


When I entered King’s Cross Station in London early one morning to catch a high-speed train to Paris, I was perhaps a little too tired to be excited. But under the groggy cloud that trailed me, I was more excited than I’d been my whole trip. I was going to be in Paris, the one […]

Travel Deals From Rail Europe Just In Time For London 2012


As the 2012 London Summer Olympic Games quickly approach, travelers scurry to take advantage of the centrally-located host city. Most are trying to figure out the most convenient, hassle-free modes of travel, in hopes they can extend their stay, visit neighboring countries in Europe and make this a trip if a lifetime- all on a […]

The Latest Deals from Rail Europe are here!

Ekta 15

One of the best times to visit a new place to experience it as authentically as possible is when it’s not the high tourist season. You get more of the local flair, don’t have to deal with as many crowds, and even better, you can often save a bundle of money! With winter in full […]

Perigord, France

By Isabelle Spicer: One of the good things about traveling in France is the high-speed trains. They are very reliable – when the railway men are not on strike – and very comfortable. From Paris, you can go to Marseille in the Mediterranean in only 3 hours, to Brussels in Belgium under an hour and […]