Win Two Tickets to Switzerland on SWISS

New York to Zurich on SWISS 2013 -009

Don’t Let Winter Weather Böögg You Down The April 15th festival known as Sechseläuten (pronounced zecks-e-loyten) which takes place in Zurich, Switzerland heralds the end of winter and the beginning of spring. Tradition holds that an effigy representing winter, known as a Böögg, be burned. The longer it takes the Böögg to burn, the colder […]

New Deals from Rail Europe!


When I entered King’s Cross Station in London early one morning to catch a high-speed train to Paris, I was perhaps a little too tired to be excited. But under the groggy cloud that trailed me, I was more excited than I’d been my whole trip. I was going to be in Paris, the one […]

Times Square Shuttle gives a taste of Switzerland until May 12, 2012

Swiss Metro

Now until May 12th, 2012, the New York MTA shuttle train from Times Square to Grand Central Station has been transformed to have passengers experience the beautiful landscapes of Switzerland. Four cars have been wrapped inside and out with four different motifs. Mountains, waterfalls, and typical Swiss scenery brighten up the Times Square Shuttle for […]

Wales: Part One of the Mini Welsh Challenge

Conwy Castle

Wales is a country full of serene landscapes, majestic castles, magical quiet, exhilarating adventure, and yes, lots and lots of sheep. A country with more sheep than people (literally 10 million sheep and 3 million people), it offers an escape to a land where time fades, boundaries are broken, and laughs are abundant. This was […]

Amtrak’s Auto Train to Florida


Taking the Amtrak Auto Train to Florida can save you money, time, hassle and might even be fun! By Bob Ravitz As snowbirds, we discovered the Auto Train several years ago and found it a great way to ride to Florida. It’s perfect for families or anyone really, who doesn’t want to fight the road […]