Travel Tip of the Day: Ask for a Good Table


Ask for a Good Table Not too long ago, my wife @NatalieDiScala and I were dining at one of our favorite restaurants, Duke’s Waikiki. Just before the hostess walked us to our table, I politely asked if it was possible to get a table along the outside patio. She looked at her chart and sure enough, […]

10 Greece Moments to Live For

The port of Ios

This is part 1 in Caitlin Martin’s recap of her 7-day Aegean adventure with Louis Cruises. Check out part 2 here and part 3 here. From ancient history to beaches with brightly colored tavernas at water’s edge and whitewashed houses, it’s easy to see why Greece tops bucket lists ‘round the world. A cuisine with more feta cheese, […]

Travel Tip of the Day: The Hotel Food Delivery Scam

This menu is legitimate and provided by the Hudson Hotel in NYC

Hotel Food Delivery Scam Keeping with the scam theme from last week (see Wednesday’s and Thursday’s), here’s another one to look out for. Don’t ever order food from a non-hotel menu that was slipped under your hotel room door because it’s most likely a scam. Believe it or not, there are thieves out there who […]

Mai-Kai Restaurant in Fort Lauderdale, Florida

My sister, dad and nephew

 A flavor of the South Pacific in south Florida When my sister suggested we take my dad to the Mai-Kai for his birthday dinner in Fort Lauderdale I asked why so far away. She said, “don’t you remember mom and dad took us there when we were kids?” I was too young so I didn’t […]

To Wine and Dine in Montreal…

Bar at Chez Victoire

Okay…granted Montréal is a car ride away if you’re from the NY tri-State area or better yet Vermont, for example. Still it’s easy to get to and affordable. And if you don’t want to drive, there’s always Air Canada, which is reasonable and not anymore expensive than any other airline going to Montréal, so you […]