Travel Website of the Week: The Optimal American Road Trip

Road trip

Ever dream of driving across the country and seeing a whole bunch of states and landmarks? According to the Washington Post (link) “Randy Olson, who previously developed the optimal search path for finding the bespectacled main character of the ‘Where’s Waldo?’ books, has used this same algorithm to compute the ultimate American road trip.” Mr. […]

New Lineup of Chevrolet Cars Offers 4G LTE Wi-Fi


I’ll be one of the first to admit it: I’m a Wi-Fi junkie. But it’s possible that my wife is worse than me. When we check into a hotel and the front desk clerk asks if we have any questions, the first thing my wife will ask about is the Wi-Fi. She doesn’t care how […]

Murphys: Hidden Gem in California

Sunset at Villa Vallecito Vineyards

Nothing excites me more when traveling than finding an off-the-beaten path gem. When I can say a destination and get a response from others like, “where is that?!” I’m in… Murphys, California proved to be that and more. The picturesque village in Calaveras County, 2.5 hours drive from San Francisco off Highway 4 East, offers […]