US State Department’s Africa Safety Tips


As certain parts of Northern Africa become more and more volatile from political upheaval, the US State Department is issuing travel advisories for many areas on the continent, including some areas considered stable. For instance, this past week saw the US Embassy in Tanzania releasing a set of Personal Safety Reminder and Tips in response […]

Top ten safety tips when visiting Yosemite National Park

This would be called "what NOT to do in Yosemite."

It can be tempting to lose your better senses when visiting a place as picturesque as Yosemite National Park. But – be forewarned. There are real dangers if you come unprepared or are careless. Here are the top ten things to keep in mind when visiting Yosemite to keep you and your belongings safe and […]

Mugged In Barcelona: Tips To Help You Travel Safe

Recently, I had an experience in Barcelona, Spain that I think is worth sharing. My husband and I had put together an amazing three-city tour – Amsterdam, Paris and Barcelona. After a terrific 10 days of travel, we were headed home to Los Angeles. We left our rented apartment in the Gothic area of Barcelona […]

Tips Learned From US Airways 1549

Greetings! I was going to write about my trip to the Taj Mahal but that’s going to have to wait due to this week’s incredible news. First, there was the miraculous splash landing in the Hudson River and then there was the inauguration of President Obama, making him the most powerful person in the world. […]