Travel Video of the Week: New Air France Safety Video

Air France

Air France just introduced a new in-flight safety demonstration video showcasing the French way of flying. Air France revised the style of its video to keep passengers’ attention by using attractive women, adding some humor and hiring a choreographer. The video will be on all long-haul and some medium-haul flights starting in April.

Travel Video of the Week: Virgin Atlantic Safety Film

Virgin Atlantic safety video

We’ve written recently about other fun airline safety videos (including Air New Zealand’s and Delta’s) and now Virgin Atlantic has jumped into the game. With the Oscars this past Sunday, Virgin Atlantic plays homage to film in its latest safety video, taking inspiration from iconic titles such as Brief Encounter and 2001: A Space Odyssey. Created […]

Video of the Week: Air New Zealand’s Bear Grylls Safety Video

Air New Zealand’s Bear Grylls Safety Video

Air New Zealand has done it again! They continuously create the most entertaining safety videos so passengers actually listen. And their newest one features adventure traveler Bear Grylls and what’s unique is that the video wasn’t shot on an aircraft.