Travel Tip of the Day: Open Your Trunk Before Arriving


Open Your Trunk Before Arriving Following up on Tuesday’s tip about not leaving anything of value out in the open in your car (or rental car), here’s another reminder: Don’t park your car in a touristy place or a parking lot and then put all your valuables in the trunk. Do it before reaching your destination so you […]

Travel Tip of the Day: Lock It, Hide It, Keep It!

Lock it, hide it, keep it

Lock It, Hide It, Keep It! My mom taught me this when I was a kid, so it’s second nature to me, but I know way too many people who don’t follow it. It’s a simple rule that the Los Angeles Airport Police Department also suggests following, and it goes like this: lock it, hide […]

Travel Tip of the Day: Don’t Use the Bathroom When the Seatbelt Sign is On


Don’t Use the Bathroom When the Seatbelt Sign is On Tuesday’s tip was to check out turbulence forecast maps before or while you fly to get an idea of if and when your flight will be turbulent. These forecasts are especially helpful when you have access to inflight Wi-Fi, as more current data can help you anticipate […]

Travel Tip of the Day: Car Trunk Caution


Car Trunk Caution On the road, and really anywhere, don’t leave your valuables in your car—even in the trunk—in plain view. Instead, place your belongings into your trunk before you arrive at your destination. Even in touristy places like in Hawaii, where you would think your stuff would be safe, it’s not necessarily. Don’t take […]

Travel Tip of the Day: Keep an Eye on Your Drink


Keep an Eye on Your Drink If you’re a woman traveling alone, don’t accept drinks from strangers unless you’ve watched the bartender make it. And always keep your eyes on it or your hand covering the top so no one can slip anything inside. It can happen anywhere, including your hometown. There are products out […]

Travel App of the Week: Help Call

Help Call

Help Call is designed to help you in times of emergency no matter where you are in the world—with 126 countries as well as five languages (English, French, German, Spanish, Polish) supported. There are just four easy-to-read buttons to press. One—”Police”—is for the police to call the nearest police station in the country you’re currently […]

Video of the Week: Johnny Jet on the Today Show

Johnny Jet on the Today Show

Can you believe I was on “The Today Show” not once, but twice this week?! I don’t think too many people can say that, and I never thought I would be one of them. My first segment aired last Thursday during Kathie Lee & Hoda’s hour, and was about last minute Valentine’s Day and President’s […]

Is Colombia Safe for Travelers?

Buenavista, Colombia

Is Colombia safe for travelers? If you’ve ever heard the name Escobar, or FARC, or seen Blow, this question might give you pause. And that’s okay. Your safety is always worth your time when travel and unfamiliarity collide—especially when the world around you keeps rolling out reasons to worry, as it has with Colombia. The Republic […]