Travel Video of the Week: The Dirty Truth: Airline Travel

Dirty Truth

Before you watch this video, let me say that I’m not trying to make you paranoid. I’m just trying to keep you and your family healthy, and that’s why I’m featuring it as our Travel Video of the Week. TODAY’s correspondent Jeff Rossen and his national investigative team took three different cross-country flights, each on […]

Top 10 in Travel News: Week of July 9, 2014

Power flask

THE TOP 10 IN TRAVEL NEWS THIS WEEK: Electronic Devices With Dead Charges Not Allowed on Some U.S.-Bound Flights For Travelers, This Summer’s New Fee on Airline Tickets US orders airlines to follow stricter rules for reporting pet deaths on flights Costa Concordia Wreck Heading for Genoa, Italy Air France Begins to Trial NFC-Based Boarding […]

(Reader) Travel Tip of the Day: The Jewelry Bag

Reader tip 2

The Jewelry Bag Today’s tip comes from reader Cheri C., who says: “Before going through airplane check-in, I place all my jewelry in a special small cloth bag in my purse. The cloth bag can then be placed in the small tray. After going through check-in, the jewelry is safely together and I can wear it […]

Travel Tip of the Day: Use Your Pockets at Security


Use Your Pockets at Security Most passengers know the drill by now when it comes to going through security: take out your laptops and liquids, remove all metal, etc. But to make the process even quicker and safer, put all of your valuables in your jacket or luggage pockets and then walk through the metal […]

Travel Tip of the Day: See Your Belongings through Security


See Your Belongings through Security You should always keep an eye on your belongings when you’re traveling, no matter where you are, but especially while going through security. Don’t go through the metal detector until you’ve pushed your bags through and bins on to the conveyor belt (I touched on this in Friday’s tip). But it’s […]

Travel Tip of the Day: Help Your Belongings through Security

Conveyor belt

Help Your Belongings through Security When going through security at a U.S. airport, be sure to push your belongings onto the conveyor belt. You’d be surprised how many clueless people I see just standing there waiting for some nowhere-to-be-found agent to tell them what to do. Or, they leave their belongings on the table while […]

Travel Tip of the Day: Scottevest Security


Scottevest Security My last two tips were about safeguarding your money—one tip was mainly for men and the other was for women. But as a reader reminded me, one solution I neglected to mention was to get a Scottevest jacket or vest. Duh! I’m a huge fan of Scottevest products because they really have helped […]

Travel Tip of the Day: Traveling with Medications


Traveling with Medications If you take medications when you travel, don’t ever put them in your checked luggage—keep them on you at all times until you reach your destination (and make sure the prescriptions are in your name). Also, don’t leave your medications out in the open in your hotel room for someone to steal. […]