Travel Tip of the Day: Get a Bag Protector

PacSafe 140-Liter Backpack and Bag Protector

Get a Bag Protector Yesterday I wrote about how you should watch what you leave in your hotel room, or at least lock your belongings in a safe when you leave the room. Another option is to get a bag protector (like this one or this one), which makes it very difficult for a thief to […]

Top 10 in Travel News: Week of December 3, 2014


THE TOP 10 IN TRAVEL NEWS THIS WEEK: Terrorism Concerns Have U.K., U.S. Eyeing Carry-On Luggage Ban Passenger asked to deplane after emotional support pig was disruptive India Allowing Visas on Arrival for U.S. Tourists United launches seasonal Dublin, Venice routes (flights begin June 4) British man misses honeymoon after air rage forces emergency landing […]

Travel Tip of the Day: Thanksgiving Carry-Ons


Thanksgiving Carry-Ons Traveling over the holidays and not sure what you can bring through the security checkpoint? Here’s a quick list, from the TSA, of liquids, aerosols and gel items that CAN’T be carried on—and should instead be put in your checked bag, shipped ahead, or left at home this week (and generally) if they’re above the […]

Travel Tip of the Day: Be Careful Displaying Sensitive Business on the Plane


Be Careful Displaying Sensitive Business on the Plane Yesterday’s tip was about speaking softly or cautiously about sensitive business issues in public. Today’s tip is similar: Always be smart and cautious sensitive files when viewing them on a plane or in an airport lounge—or anywhere in public. To give you a better idea of how and why, […]

Travel Tip of the Day: Take Your Business Cards Out at Security

Business card

Take Your Business Cards Out at Security If you’re a business traveler and you travel with hundreds of business cards going to and from tradeshows, make sure you take them out at airport security screening points and put them in a separate bin, just as you do with your laptop. If you don’t, I can pretty […]

Top 10 in Travel News: Week of October 1, 2014


THE TOP 10 IN TRAVEL NEWS THIS WEEK: Stay Away From Chicago Airports (for Now) The Air France Pilot Strike Ends With Absolutely Nothing Resolved Airbus to help develop first supersonic business jet American Airlines to honor its predecessors, CEO says American Drops their El Al Partnership November 1 Southwest will use biofuel for SF […]

Travel Tip of the Day: Put a Shoe in the Safe


Put a Shoe in the Safe If you like to use the safe when you stay in a hotel, but worry you’re going to forget you’ve left your valuables in there, here’s a solution: Put one of your shoes in the safe with your belongings the night before you leave. That way, when it’s time to leave […]

Travel Tip of the Day: Pets and Airport Security


Pets and Airport Security I’ve been seeing an increase in travelers with dogs recently, and most of them have their companions wearing service dog harness vests. Unfortunately, I think most of these dogs aren’t really service dogs, as I know a number of people who say they’ve bought these vests so their animals fly for free, which is […]