Travel Video of the Week: Pharrell Williams — Happy (We are from High Tatras Slovakia)

Happy wrote a great post on how the insanely addictive Pharrell Williams’ “Happy” song is becoming a trend in travel. People from all over the world are creating their own versions of “Happy,” and in the post, they’ve compiled their top 20. They call this one “the most zany,” and it’s from the High Tatras […]

Viking European Christmas Market Cruise: Bratislava, Slovakia

Bratislava Slovakia Christmas Market December 2013 -013

DAY 6: Bratislava, Slovakia Friday Bratislava is only a 40-minute drive from Vienna so it doesn’t take long to get there by boat. Bratislava is the capital Slovakia and is the only national capital that borders two other countries, Austria and Hungary. We arrived early and skipped the walking tour to explore the city on […]

SLOVAKIA: Small Country—Big Outlook


By: Bruce Northam Discover The New Heart of Europe- Slovakia inherited some of the best aspects of its five neighbors, enjoying Czech-style brewing, Polish diligence, Austrian architecture, Ukrainian good looks, and Hungarian stews. The one thing Slovakia can claim outright is the fact that it’s an undiscovered travel jewel. Culturally and geographical diverse, it’s simply […]