Travel Tip of the Day: Know Your Holidays

Memorial Day

Know Your Holidays Happy Memorial Day! My thanks go out today to all the brave men and women who keep our country safe, and to all those who’ve ever been a part of our military. As I noted on Veteran’s Day, upgrading a soldier is a great way to show your appreciation. But just imagine for a second that you’re not American, […]

How American Airlines Treats Our Military


I’ve written about how great American Airlines are with the military (here’s that story), but after what I witnessed on my flight yesterday they went above and beyond. I’ve been told by an American Airlines gate agent that they will upgrade uniformed soldiers if there’s space available, but there’s rarely space. That’s why premium travelers […]

A Very Different Homecoming


Johnny recently met passenger Julie Taylor on a flight to Miami. She told him this story and showed him this picture. He was so moved by the tale, he asked if he could share it with all of you. Here, in her own words, is Julie’s story. On December 23, my husband, two daughters and […]