Kingsford Homestead in South Australia’s Barossa Valley

Kingsford Homestead

After a long day of filming in South Australia’s Barossa Valley it was time for me to check into my hotel. This time I decided to try a country house experience that opened in July, and it was amazing! Kingsford Homestead was built in 1856 on a beautiful 225 acre property. The two-story sandstone Georgian structure has seven […]

Kangaroo Island: 10 Reasons to Stay at the Southern Ocean Lodge

Southern Ocean Lodge

Getting to the Southern Ocean Lodge on Kangaroo Island (or KI as locals refer to it) for North Americans is not easy or cheap. You will have to take a couple of flights to Adelaide and then either a short 20 minute flight on REX or a 90 minute ferry ride. But if you are looking for a once in a lifetime, […]

Top 10 Aussie Eco Adventures

Intercontinental Sydney

Remember when eco-travel meant cold showers, scratchy towels and compost toilets. Luckily, such cruel sacrifices are a thing of the past – and one country, Australia, is leading the charge in eco-luxury travel. If you are heading Down Under, check out these eco-luxury hotels and resorts – where you can be pampered while leaving only […]

Sydney, Austrailia


Great news! just made the number 5 spot as one of the world’s 150 top travel blogs! When I started this website exactly 10 years ago, as a labor of love, I had no idea that it would change my life entirely. It has allowed me to see so many places (over 60 countries) and […]