Why the Miami Area Doesn’t Suck

View from b2 Miami

I’ve never been a fan of Southern Florida, particularly Miami. The times I’ve visited were filled with cheesey nightclubs full of posers, the overly imbibed and druggy weirdness. And those were business trips. So, when given the opportunity to go again I jumped on it. I was eager to know a different metropolitan Miami, and I […]

Does South Florida have the worst drivers in the U.S.?

Does south florida have the worst drivers

When I arrived at the St. Regis Bal Harbour I posted a comment on my Facebook page stating that “I’m pretty sure South Florida has the worst drivers in the United States. Agree or disagree? It was not only because of the hour-long drive down from Delray Beach that I feared for my life but […]

Orlando Via Amtrak, Seagate Hotel DelRey Beach


Greetings! I hope you had a fantastic Thanksgiving with smooth, safe travels. I sure did, and I discovered possibly the best day of the year to fly within the U.S.: the Friday after Thanksgiving. While everyone was out shopping, I was in the air enjoying some quiet skies and super-cheap deals: My brother bought a […]