Top Ten Cities for the Sexiest Men in the World


I was just watching The Today Show and they had a survey on the top ten cities for the sexiest men in the world. I quickly Googled it to see the whole list and found the story in the Daily Mail (UK).  They ranked Stockholm, Sweden number one and I would probably do the same […]

My Travel Year In Review 2010


Happy New Year from chilly Florida! If you are following me on Twitter (@JohnnyJet), then you know I missed the California rains and the Northeast blizzard by just a few days. I’m actually upset about it too, because I love a good snowstorm (as long as I’m not traveling). This past week, I had quite […]

Stockholm, Sweden


Hej! If you are following me on Twitter, then you know that I was just in Las Vegas to speak at Blog World. This week I will tell you all about that trip and pick up where we left off last week from my August Baltic Sea Seabourn cruise. First port is Stockholm, Sweden! We […]

A Baltic Cruise On The Seaborn Sojourn


SEABOURN SOJOURN Until last summer, I had only be on a cruises that were for three days or fewer. Therefore, I wasn’t sure how I was going to like being on a boat for a whole week with people I didn’t know, sailing to places I’d never been. My girlfriend Natalie felt the same way […]