Travel Tip of the Day: Book Your Summer Travel Now


Book Your Summer Travel Now This tip comes fully fleshed out from my colleague, good friend and #TravelSkills Twitter chat co-host Chris McGinnis. Basically, if you haven’t already made your air and hotel reservations, you should do it now—especially, as Chris explains in a recent story, “if you plan to travel on or around the summer’s long weekends: Memorial […]

Eight Ways to Make Summer 2014 Your Season to Travel


I’m so sick of hearing my friends excuses for not having enough money to travel, and then seeing them get $5 coffee drinks every single day! I do the math in my head: $5 times 30 (days) equals $150 and $150 x 12 (months) is (okay, I need a calculator for this one) $1,800. Now why don’t […]

10 reasons to visit Erie, Pennsylvania in the summer

Erie sunset

When my sister told me 20 years ago that her husband got a job and they were moving to Erie, Pennsylvania I had the same reaction as I get now when I tell people that’s where I’m headed for vacation… Eww! Erie?