Travel Tip of the Day: Rip Current Safety


Rip Current Safety It’s summertime, and for many of us that means swimming. But I was recently reminded by my local news station to be wary of powerful rip currents in the water—and just how dangerous they can be. The National Weather Service has a whole page dedicated to rip currents, including a free course and […]

Travel Tip of the Day: Beach Valuables


Beach Valuables If you’ll be going for a swim in the ocean, don’t bring your valuables to the beach. If you must, either ask someone you can trust to watch them or better yet, wrap your wallet, phone, passport, etc. in a plastic bag and bury the whole thing in the sand below your towel. […]

3 Beautiful Bermuda Beaches In 3 Days

Warwick Long Bay Beach

A trip to Bermuda is a beach-lover’s dream with soft sand that blushes, crystal clear waters that deepen to variations of turquoise, emerald and sapphire blues, and plenty of shore to explore. As a beach lover who has strolled on many pretty beaches, from Rum Point Beach in Grand Cayman to Puerto Rico’s famed Flamenco […]

Riviera Maya, Mexico


Riviera Maya Mexico is a top destination for millions of people and now I understand why. The climate, the jungle, the beach, the ancient ruins, and the culture of the Mayans make this a must- take vacation. I went for a slightly unusual reason – to experience the Mexican holiday which commemorates the dead! Celebrating […]

Beauty Flows in Zurich’s Waters


Switzerland’s largest city finds a home for everyone, from outdoorsmen to shopaholics. By: Ben Brown ZURICH IN A NUTSHELL The crisp air blows by as I bike along the lake. The path borders a park where people are lying in the sun, children are playing games and groups are barbecuing on portable grills. Others are […]