Lexington, Kentucky – The Southern Starting Line

Kentucky Marquee (640x480)

You may feel like you’ve outdone the staycation thing as we continue down the road of tightening the belt buckle in the U.S.  There are other options. After you tally up the expenses of getting into overpriced theme parks, paying for gas to get there and feeding  the troops $7 hot dogs, other vacation choices […]

Lexington, Kentucky — Horses

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Three Chimney’s Farm If you love horses, farms or the incredibly interesting business of horse racing and breeding, Three Chimney’s Farm is a fascinating place to spend some time learning the process rearing and raising superior race horses.  This is the home farm of the renowned Seattle Slew, the only horse to win the triple […]

Lexington, Kentucky — The Races

Ready to Race at Keeneland (640x566)

Keeneland Keeneland Race Course ties together the heart, soul and guts of Lexington. This is a not-for-profit course where the horses, bourbon and people converge into a big day out.  Horse racing is exciting to begin with, but being in Kentucky, let alone Lexington, raises the fun to a whole new level. From the general […]

Lexington, Kentucky — Shaker Village

Peaceful Countryside - Shaker Village (640x480)

Shaker Village of Pleasant Hill Only 25 miles outside of Lexington, a stay at Shaker Village is the antidote to a stressed out citified life.  Though the Shakers are no longer in existence, they left behind a legacy of tranquility and simplicity. As I often do while traveling, I went for a run the morning […]

Lexington, Kentucky – Food

Shaker Lemon Pie!

Food Like many places in the South, Lexington has had its food specialties influenced through the years by what the land has to offer. Buying local produce is a consistent theme that runs through many menus you’ll find in the area — and the quality and freshness are evident. Wallace Station is no ordinary deli.  […]

Lexington, Kentucky — Bourbon

Woodford Reserve (480x640)

Woodford Distillery I came to Lexington, KY not knowing a thing about bourbon. There’s no escaping the relationship it has to the area, its people and the history of Lexington. Located in Versailles (pronounced ver-sail) approximately 14 miles outside of Lexington, the Woodford Distillery tour is informative and a cool little trip to the past. […]