Travel Website of the Week: TaxiFareFinder’s RideGuru


I’m a big fan of TaxiFareFinder’s RideGuru, which tells you how much taxis and rideshares cost wherever you’re in need of a ride so you can compare. For example, the other day I needed to get my dad a ride from Manhattan Beach to San Pedro and a taxi was $65 for the 25-minute ride, while […]

Travel Tip of the Day: Wear Your Seatbelt in Taxis


Wear Your Seatbelt in Taxis For some reason, when we travel in taxis or car services, we sometimes feel there isn’t the same need to wear a seatbelt. Which is really stupid. I learned this lesson back in the late 90s when my mom and I were in a Copenhagen taxi on our way to […]

Travel Tip of the Day: Use Uber or Lyft Instead of a Taxi


Use Uber or Lyft Instead of a Taxi In last Friday’s tip, I shared a great deal available right now on ride-sharing service Lyft. Well, we received a lot of questions from people asking for more information on how to use rise-sharing services, so here’s what to do: Set up an Uber or Lyft account […]

Travel Tip of the Day: Taxis Made Easier


Taxis Made Easier When trying to find a taxi during peak times, special events or when it’s raining, instead of standing in one spot, walk to either a hotel and ask the bellman to hail you a cab. Or walk to a popular intersection or drop-off point—and your chances will drastically improve. And of course, […]

Travel App of the Week: Taxi Finder

Taxi Finder

Taxi Finder—powered by—is a new iPhone app that addresses the problem of getting ripped off by taxi drivers (I just wrote about one way I think this is happening in NYC). In more than 600 cities worldwide, users can use GPS to locate taxi services near them, and then they can pull up ratings, user […]

Travel Tip of the Day: Know Your Taxi Fares

Taxi meter

Know Your Taxi Fares If you aren’t sure how much a taxi will cost, always ask the hotel concierge before heading anywhere in a cab. The concierge should know the approximate cost of a taxi ride from the hotel to any given destination. Then, when you get into the taxi, ask again how much the […]

Travel Tip of the Day: Taxi Payment

Taxi payment

Taxi Payment If you don’t have cash on you, always ask the taxi driver before getting into the vehicle if they accept credit cards. If they don’t, find another taxi. Also, before paying by credit card, ask the driver if they charge a fee for using a credit card to pay. For instance, in Las […]

Las Vegas Taxis Charge $3 When You Use Your Credit Card

$3 Credit card fee!

I’m so sick of falling for travel scams and I just learned about one in  Las Vegas the hard way. Yesterday, I took a taxi from the airport to Mandalay Bay and the $17 fare quickly turned to $24 because of tip and a $3 charge for using my credit card! Ooh, does it tick me […]