Prone to Dropping Your Phone on Travels? Gorilla Glass Can Help


If you are like me and have a tendency to drop your smartphone on travels as you are capturing that important picture, you should know about this new glass on many smartphones to reduce the chance of breaking your screen called Corning® Gorilla® Glass 4. My device is still suffering its latest “fall”, which happened […]

New Lineup of Chevrolet Cars Offers 4G LTE Wi-Fi


I’ll be one of the first to admit it: I’m a Wi-Fi junkie. But it’s possible that my wife is worse than me. When we check into a hotel and the front desk clerk asks if we have any questions, the first thing my wife will ask about is the Wi-Fi. She doesn’t care how […]

In Praise of Nerds: A Visit to Honeywell Aerospace in Phoenix, AZ

Honeywell 757 flight test air

This is a massive shout-out for nerds everywhere. That’s right people. N-E-R-D-S. You might also know them as bookworms, geeks or even worse. The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines a nerd as follows: a person who behaves awkwardly around other people and usually has un-stylish clothes, hair, etc. a person who is very interested in technical subjects, computers, […]

Product of the Week: Aspire S7 Series Ultrabook with Windows 8

Aspire S7 Series Ultrabook with Windows 8

A few months ago I became one of Microsoft Windows Champions — I don’t get financial compensation but I do get some cool gadgets for free. It was a no brainer since I’ve been a Microsoft user for the last 17 years, and I can’t imagine staying on top of my work without their software. […]

Travel News: Week of September 3rd, 2012

Domestic routes announced for United’s new 787 Dreamliners

Top Travel News Domestic routes announced for United’s new 787 Dreamliners Virus risk for 10,000 US campers who slept at Yosemite Nat’l Park this summer United flight attendant travels to Guinness book after record 63-year career In-flight Wi-Fi provider GoGo expands into Canada Baby Born On Emirates Plane, Named After Airline Hertz acquires Dollar/Thrifty, and […]

Tweeter of the Week: @earthXplorer

JD Andrews

JD Andrews is a world traveler, dad, three-time Emmy winner, videographer, adventurer and photographer. He travels a ton and tweets a lot! He’s a great guy and I traveled with him to Trinidad and Tobago in January. He was constantly on his phone either tweeting or playing with apps which is why I asked him […]

Connected on Royal Caribbean

By Hannah L. Uram: In February, Royal Caribbean unveiled the latest technological advancement for today’s cruise enthusiasts: Royal Connect. The application is revolutionary, being the first software to allow guests to communicate with and locate one another from anywhere onboard. It also gives its users the ability to dial any extension on the ship using […]