Spirits of Mazatlan


When is tequila not tequila? When it is made in Mazatlan. Much in the way the French legislate that only sparkling wine made in the Champagne region can be called such, the Mexican government has decreed that only blue agave based spirits made in Jalisco and three other states can be labeled “tequila”. This creates […]

Cabo’s “Dead End” Springs to Life

Grand Solmar Land’s End Resort & Spa

 Rough Waters, Cool Rocks, Hot Luxury… Often, resorts insulate guests from the true jewels of a destination, but Grand Solmar Land’s End Resort & Spa sits in Cabo’s geologic marvel jewel. Spectacular roaring Pacific Oceanfront aside, the towering orange-sandstone Moab-style rock formations surrounding this place make your jaw drop—before the hiking starts. Stones-throw from this […]

Tequila cocktail anyone?

Carpe Dia

MILAGRO TEQUILA PUSHES THE COCKTAIL ENVELOPE LA’s a cocktail crazy town these days.  I drink my tequila with one ice cube and a splash of lime juice, a long standing preference I try to indulge frequently.  I distain those who can’t take their liquor straight, putting me at odds with most trendy Angelenos. Too much […]

Tequila Evolved: Milagro’s UNICO


Well over a decade ago, I discovered that tequila meant more than Cadillac Margaritas after work on Friday and shooters as the weekend wore on. I drink my tequila with no more than a hint of ice so I don’t miss a bit of that agave-fermented flavor, and I don’t mind paying for the privilege.  […]