Need Asia Advice


One of my buddies is going to Asia in the fall and needs some advice. Do you have any recommendations? Here’s his email to me: I would love your advice on a trip that we are taking at the end of September for 17 days in Asia. The only thing I have booked right now […]

Chiang Mai, Thailand

Two Little Chiang Mai Girls

Chiang Mai is a city with heart, and I left part of mine there. A sweet sentiment pervades – maybe it’s the temples and the abundance of monks and novices (young monks in training). Or maybe it is the sensitive elephants at the Mae Taeng Elephant Camp and the humble indigenous people. I was mesmerized […]

Bangkok, Thailand

Hidden Temple Buddha

Floating Markets, fabulous seafood, vegetables and fruit, the world’s best massages for under $10, Buddhas everywhere – we must be in Bangkok! GETTING THERE I have to be honest, I was nervous about flying to Thailand. Not just about being cramped in a metal tube for hours on end, but because I had never been […]

Khao Lak, Thailand


Hello! My final stop of last month’s trip to Asia was southern Thailand. Natalie and I flew from Singapore to Phuket on Silk Air and then drove an hour north to Khao Lak. This part of Thailand was the hardest hit in the 2004 tsunami, but as you are about to see they’ve rebuilt this […]

Marriott Exec Apartments in Bangkok


Last week I wrote about my trip to Bangkok, but I saved the best part(s) for this week. What if I told you about a hotel option that many travelers don’t know about where you could spend a night, a week, a month, or a year in a solid 4.5-star hotel for less than $120 […]

Bangkok, Thailand


Last week I left off from Hong Kong, China, which was awesome as always but chilly (50s). This week we fly two hours and some change to Bangkok, where it’s in the high 80s. If you want to escape the cold for some fun in the sun and see one of the world’s most exciting […]

Travels Through The Andaman Coast of Thailand


By:  Marcela Swenson On the second leg of our honeymoon, my husband, Noah and I were enjoying our two-night stay at Rayavadee, a beautiful resort on the Andaman Coast of Thailand. ROCK CLIMBING The second morning, we went to the rock climbing shop, Hot Rocks, located in “Downtown Railay” to meet our guide, Psi. He […]

Travels through Thailand: Part 2


By: Marcela Swenson On the second leg of our honeymoon my husband, Noah, and I were leaving the capital city of Thailand and seeking some much deserved down time on the beautiful beaches of the Andaman Coast. KRABI The 5am wake up call came too early, but fortunately it wasn’t too early to get a […]