DigIsrael: Top 3 Historical Sites in The Holy Land

Mount of Olives- Overview of Jerusalem

I’ve  been learning about Israel for as long as I can remember, from studying religion in grade school to debating Middle East relations as a political science major in college. So needless to say, the mystifying and provocative country has always been on my radar. And though I’ve imagined what it would be like, my […]

The Western Wall

The Western Wall

Located in the Old City of Jerusalem,The Western Wall, is the remnant of the wall that once enclosed and supported the Second Jerusalem Temple and is arguably the most sacred, recognized site in the Jewish faith. It’s also happens to be the western supporting wall of Temple Mount, one of Islam’s holiest sites. Both faiths’ strong territorial claims in such […]

Shalom From Jerusalem


  Shalom from Israel! Last week, we left off after our El Al flight touched down in Tel Aviv. This week, we hit Jerusalem. If you thought that Israel was unsafe and only for Jews (like I did), think again. ISRAEL  I’ve always been fascinated by Israel and for years I’ve wanted to visit. But […]