The Luxor Hotel’s Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition In Las Vegas


“Fancy strawberries in April and in middle of the ocean. The whole thing is positively uncanny. Why you would think we were at the Riz.” -Lady Lucille Duff Gordon, First Class Passenger RMS Titanic As we eclipse the 100-year anniversary of  the RMS Titanic’s tragic sinking, I’m still just as fascinated of the ship many have referred […]

Top 5 places to visit if you are a Titanic fanatic


One of the most epic films of all time, Titanic, will be released in 3D April 4th, and gets you in on the action. Johnny got an exclusive sneak peek at number one on our list for his Travel Channel special, Hot Spots 2012, while it was still under construction.  Now you can see […]

Titanic Museums Hosting U.S. Tributes to Titanic Crew & Passengers on 100th Anniversary

The Titanic Museum Attractions – the home base for the U.S. RMS Titanic 100 Year Anniversary Commemoration – are half-scale recreations of the RMS Titanic on the exterior and, inside, “passengers” will find full-size recreations of the Grand Staircase, First Class Suites, Third Class Cabins, Dining Rooms, etc. built directly from actual RMS Titanic blueprints.

April 14, 2012 will mark the 100th anniversary of the night the Titanic struck an iceberg on its maiden voyage. To honor and remember the tragic event and the 2,208 people aboard, Titanic Museum Attractions is hosting “A Night to Remember: An Original Musical Tribute to Titanic,” on Saturday, April 14 at both of their […]