Celebrating Namibia on World Rhino Day

The group in Yellowstone National Park (Photo: Kasey Austin | Austin-Lehman Adventures)

Say the words “conservation,” “wildlife protection,” or “sustainability” and you’re going to lose a lot of people. Not necessarily because they don’t care, but because let’s face it – it’s not a sexy topic. It can’t compete with something funny or entertaining because it quite simply is not. It takes time to process and understand, […]

Travel News: Week of August 6th, 2012


Top Travel News United Airlines unveils its first 787 Dreamliner Carnival cracks down on cruisers “saving” deck chairs DOT, FAA: 3 jets in close call never at risk of colliding Maldives Tourist board Twitter campaign spectacularly backfires U.S. tourist ordered to pay $6,500 fine for illegal Cuba trip Alaska man gets DUI for floating on […]

Tweeter of the Week: @Sweden


The Swedish government came out with a brilliant idea last December when they decided to hand over their @sweden Twitter account to a different citizen each week. It made sense as Thomas Brühl, CEO of VisitSweden, told Mashable “No one owns the brand of Sweden more than its people.” They use the account solely to […]