Travel Tip of the Day: Head for the Last Car

Last car on the train

Head for the Last Car Throughout my travels, I’ve taken more than my fair share of trains (especially the Metro-North between Grand Central Station and Connecticut) and subways—and I’ve learned that you’ll almost always find more room in the last car. Just walk a little farther to the back of the train and you won’t […]

Travel Tip of the Day: Know Your Train Schedules


Know Your Train Schedules I just traveled via train from Dublin to Portlaoise in Ireland and there were multiple trains running around the same time. But by looking at the duration of the journey, I saved almost 30 minutes by taking one of the express trains. I’ve had similar experiences on Metro North from New […]

The Polar Express: Can You Hear The Bell Ring?

Polar Express

After weeks of anticipation and hours in a car filled with shouts of “Are we there yet?”,  we (my two girls 6 & 7 years old, grandma & grandpa, and myself and husband) arrived at The Polar Express.  The Polar Express, just like the story, is a train that departs from Williams, Arizona out of […]

Chicago To Meet With Gogo


I started off the week by flying 436 miles from Toronto (YYZ) to Chicago on United. I took the 9:41 a.m. flight out, and the pre-clearance U.S. immigration line at YYZ was insanely long. The wait was about an hour and it provoked me to finally apply for a NEXUS pass. It took less than […]

Perigord, France

By Isabelle Spicer: One of the good things about traveling in France is the high-speed trains. They are very reliable – when the railway men are not on strike – and very comfortable. From Paris, you can go to Marseille in the Mediterranean in only 3 hours, to Brussels in Belgium under an hour and […]