Purchasing travel insurance: 5 tips from a pro

Photo: Caitlin Martin

International travel up was up 9.4% last year according to the National Travel & Tourism Office. With the likelihood of an increase this year, here are some tips for those new to traveling out of the country from Dr. William Brady, MD, Medical Director at leading travel insurer Allianz Global Assistance and Professor of Emergency Medicine at the […]

Travel Tip: Don’t Forget Cruise Travel Insurance

Holland America ms Volendam sets sail (Photo: Holland America)

A national survey of travelers by Norartis Consumer Health found that 63 percent reported that they or a travel companion, including cruise passengers, have become sick while on vacation. I’ve noticed travelers tend to forget insurance when they travel, particularly on cruises. I get many questions on whether to buy travel insurance. I say, if you’re going somewhere close and […]

Reader Travel Tip of the Week: Know Your Insurance Coverage


Know Your Insurance Coverage Each Friday, we’re featuring a reader-submitted tip as our Travel Tip of the Day. This week’s tip comes from reader Karol H., who shares: “Last weekend my aunt from FL (age 83) came to visit us in CA. She fell and broke both feet, requiring immediate surgery on one foot. She […]

Do I Have Travel Insurance and Which Policy Company Do I Use?


The most frequent question I am asked when speaking at travel shows is: Should I buy travel insurance? The answer all depends on what you are buying and where you are going. I say, if you are just buying a $150 ticket from Los Angeles to San Francisco and staying with family, I wouldn’t get […]

Win an Allianz Global Assistance GoBag in celebration of The New York Times Travel Show!


This weekend is the annual New York Times Travel Show, by now a fixture on the travel calendar. As in past years, tourist boards, tour operators, travel media, and travel innovators of all kinds—from all over the world—will be on the floor at the Javits Center in New York City sharing the latest in travel products, […]

Lost and Stolen Passports: Can Travel Insurance Help?


Insurance is something I am asked about pretty frequently. Travelers, whether they are frequent flyers or first-timers, often want to know whether they should buy travel insurance before they take off on their vacation or business trip or journey of any kind, really. And while many people never need to take advantage of their insurance […]

RoamRight Travel Insurance


Insurance is one of those things I get asked about a lot. So many people are unsure about insurance, whether they really need it, whether it’s a waste of money and whether it’s worth the risk of traveling without it. Well, that’s the thing about insurance, isn’t it? You don’t need it … until you […]

How to Tell if an Adventure Company is Safe Abroad


I was recently interviewed by NBC’s Today Show to comment on a zipline accident in Mexico that left a California man tragically in a coma. The show asked me how travelers can tell if an adventure company outside the United States is safe, and to comment on the importance of travel insurance. Below is the […]