Travel Product of the Week: VIM & VIGR Compression Socks


Do you worry about getting Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) when you fly? I do, which is why I drink a lot of water and try to get up every hour on flights. And when I travel with my dad on long flights, I usually get him compression socks. For those looking for a line of high-quality […]

Travel Product of the Week: Silver Canyon Camping Gear

Silver Canyon tent

I admit I’m not a big camper, but combine the facts that spring is right around the corner and REI just sent me some of the coolest camping gear I’ve ever encountered and I might just have to start. I hear, at least, that camping is one of the most memorable and affordable family vacations […]

Travel Product of the Week: Magic Opener


Here’s one of those “as seen on TV” gadgets that might be handy on your next trip. The Magic Opener is not just a bottle opener. It’s a multi-purpose tool for anyone looking to more easily open different plastic bottles, aluminum soda and/or beer cans, traditional glass bottles, everything seen above, and much more. It’s currently retailing […]

Travel Product of the Week: Tortuga Packable Daypack


Do you carry a daypack when you travel? Tortuga Backpacks just released the Tortuga Packable Daypack ($54) that you can use during the day, then stuff into your luggage for transit. They’re currently on pre-sale through March 13 and if you use discount code DPPSFB, you’ll save $15 (for international customers, that means free shipping). Here’s […]

Travel Product of the Week: togoPower


I just got a new iPhone 6 Plus and I love it. The one thing I don’t like about it so far is that the battery drains a lot quicker than the batteries on my Android and Windows phones. For that reason, I now need to carry a portable charger with me to make sure I […]

Travel Product of the Week: Ice Mule Cooler

Ice Mule Coolers

Spring Break is just around the corner (and summer’s not that far off, either) so I’m sure/I hope you’ll soon be heading out somewhere warm. Well, when it’s warm, you’ll probably need to keep your drinks or food cold—which is what the new Ice Mule Cooler is built to do. It supposedly keeps ice frozen for […]

Travel Product of the Week: Kikkerland UL03-A Universal Travel Adapter


Last week I recommended this Monster Travel Power Strip as our Travel Product of the Week. Well, those that travel internationally will want to add this week’s pick to their bags, too. The Kikkerland UL03-A Universal Travel Adapter works in more than 150 countries, folds flatter than any other adapter, is ultra-compact and only costs $9.99.

Travel Product of the Week: Monster Travel Power Strip

Power strip

On the recommendation of my colleague Gary Leff, I now carry a Monster MP OTG400 BK Outlets To Go Power Strip. Why? Hotels, airports and especially cruises often only have one or two outlets, and that’s just not enough to charge all of my devices. And if my wife is with me, “Fuhgeddaboudit,” since she always has three devices […]