Travel Tip of the Day: Rip Current Safety


Rip Current Safety It’s summertime, and for many of us that means swimming. But I was recently reminded by my local news station to be wary of powerful rip currents in the water—and just how dangerous they can be. The National Weather Service has a whole page dedicated to rip currents, including a free course and […]

Travel Tip of the Day: Know Your Lock


Know Your Lock I recently spent a couple of nights at the Dream Downtown hotel in New York City. I had a lovely stay, but while I was there noticed that the hotel was using a strange new safety lock. The good news is that it prevents thieves from using a tool to quickly unlatch […]

Reader Travel Tip of the Day: Check the Cap


Check the Cap Each Friday, we’re featuring a reader-submitted tip as our Travel Tip of the Day. This week’s tip comes from Corey C. from Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, who says: “When traveling in poorer countries where the tap water is not safe to drink, make sure any bottle water you buy is sealed. It is not […]

Travel Product of the Week: Dropcam camera


  Wouldn’t you love to be able to check in back home in full visual color while you’re on vacation? Now you can, thanks to Dropcam’s new HD Wi-Fi camera, which offers possibilities for live-streaming as easy to set up as 1) open the box and remove the camera, 2) plug it in and connect […]

Travel Website of the Week:

Last week, I featured as our Travel Website of the Week a site called AirHelp, which helps get you money when your flight is canceled, delayed or overbooked. Well, is another site that will help you do the same. Just log into to the site (or app), key in your data and upload your documents (e.g. ticket) and […]

Travel Tip of the Day: Never Walk Away from Your Valuables


Never Walk Away from Your Valuables When my wife and I were in France a few weeks ago (staying at the Pullman Eiffel Tower and the Pullman Paris Bercy, seen above), I noticed she’d left her iPhone on the table when we both went to fill our plates at a breakfast buffet. Like any loving husband, […]

Travel Tip of the Day: Carry a Whistle


Carry a Whistle My friend Lavanya Sunkara recently wrote an excellent post entitled “Ten Smart Tips for Solo Women Travelers.” One of her tips is to carry a whistle. She says it’s better at getting attention from others than wielding a Swiss army knife in situations of danger. Plus, you don’t need to explain it […]

Travel Tip of the Day: Gender-Neutral Room Reservations


Gender-Neutral Room Reservations If you’re a female traveler (and especially one traveling in more dangerous areas), it’s smart to use your first initial and last name instead of your full name when reserving a room. By not specifically identifying yourself as female, you can ward off would-be criminals. FYI: I learned this useful tip from […]