Travel Tip of the Day: Carry a Whistle


Carry a Whistle My friend Lavanya Sunkara recently wrote an excellent post entitled “Ten Smart Tips for Solo Women Travelers.” One of her tips is to carry a whistle. She says it’s better at getting attention from others than wielding a Swiss army knife in situations of danger. Plus, you don’t need to explain it […]

Travel Tip of the Day: Gender-Neutral Room Reservations


Gender-Neutral Room Reservations If you’re a female traveler (and especially one traveling in more dangerous areas), it’s smart to use your first initial and last name instead of your full name when reserving a room. By not specifically identifying yourself as female, you can ward off would-be criminals. FYI: I learned this useful tip from […]

Travel Tip of the Day: Keep an Eye on Your Drink


Keep an Eye on Your Drink If you’re a woman traveling alone, don’t accept drinks from strangers unless you’ve watched the bartender make it. And always keep your eyes on it or your hand covering the top so no one can slip anything inside. It can happen anywhere, including your hometown. There are products out […]

Travel Website of the Week: Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP)


There’s a lot of news about terrorism threats these days, and a bunch of readers have been emailing me saying they are nervous to travel. I wouldn’t be unless I was going to the Middle East, North Africa or the Arabian Peninsula—and enrolling with STEP is a good idea anywhere. The U.S. Government created the […]

US State Department’s Africa Safety Tips


As certain parts of Northern Africa become more and more volatile from political upheaval, the US State Department is issuing travel advisories for many areas on the continent, including some areas considered stable. For instance, this past week saw the US Embassy in Tanzania releasing a set of Personal Safety Reminder and Tips in response […]

Staying Safe During the Inauguration

Photo of Washington, D.C. from Shutterstock

This weekend will see a huge influx of people into Washington, D.C. to celebrate the second inauguration of Barack Obama. Though the turn out is expected to be less than four years ago, the capital is still bracing for over 500,000 visitors. In anticipation of so many tourists, Mike Kelly, CEO of On Call International, […]

Video of the Week: The Booster Bag Scam


This bag scam is so ingenious that I’m sure glad someone created a video to show how it works – otherwise I could’ve easily got suckered. I highly recommend you taking two-minutes to watch as preventing your bag being stolen can make or break your trip. I know I will think twice about where I […]

Top ten safety tips when visiting Yosemite National Park

This would be called "what NOT to do in Yosemite."

It can be tempting to lose your better senses when visiting a place as picturesque as Yosemite National Park. But – be forewarned. There are real dangers if you come unprepared or are careless. Here are the top ten things to keep in mind when visiting Yosemite to keep you and your belongings safe and […]