Travel App of the Week: TravelSmart


Created by Allianz Global Assistance, TravelSmart is a handy app for international travelers that lists emergency numbers such as those of the police, fire department and ambulance by destination (911 is not universal). I also love that it has a drug dictionary with international translations in multiple languages. Did you know the international name for […]

Travel Tip of the Day: Buckle Up


Buckle Up Tragically, award-winning journalist and veteran 60 Minutes correspondent Bob Simon recently lost his life while riding in the backseat of a black Lincoln Town Car in Manhattan. According to New York City police, he wasn’t wearing his seatbelt. It’s not clear whether wearing one would have saved him, but his chances would have […]

Travel Tip of the Day: More Zipper Caution


More Zipper Caution One of my recent tips was about minimizing carry-on theft when you’re carrying a zippered bag. One of my suggestions was to lock your bags. Though locking your checked bag seems like it should prevent thieves from stealing from it as well, that’s not necessarily the case with zippered bags. With a zippered bag, […]

Travel App of the Week: PulsePoint


This week’s app—PulsePoint—comes recommended by my cousin Art, a firefighter/paramedic for L.A. City Fire Department in South Central Los Angeles. Here’s Art: PulsePoint is a mobile app that attempts to limit the time between a sudden cardiac event and life-saving intervention. These few precious minutes can literally mean the difference between life and death—and as […]

Travel Product of the Week: PacSafe 140-Liter Backpack and Bag Protector

PacSafe 140-Liter Backpack

If you subscribe to my Daily Travel Tip newsletter, and this maid video freaked you out, then you might want to consider getting the PacSafe 140-Liter Backpack and Bag Protector. It has an adjustable high-tensile stainless steel locking device designed to cover and protect a variety of bags and packs from tampering, pilfering and theft. You’ll […]

Travel Tip of the Day: Watch What You Leave in Your Hotel Room


Watch What You Leave in Your Hotel Room I bet after watching this video you won’t be leaving your valuables out in your hotel rooms any more. Although the maid in the video didn’t actually steal anything, the way she goes through the guest’s bag and handles his computer and tablet is totally uncool. If I’m staying […]

Travel App of the Week: Travel Safe

Travel Safe

Travel Safe is an app that helps you make emergency calls and texts anywhere in the world, lightning fast. It uses a location-sensitive emergency service database that connects you to the help you need, right when you need it. Travel Safe only takes a few minutes to set up with your permanent safety information, and from there, it […]

Travel Video of the Day: Ebola Joke on a Flight Brings in the Hazmat Suits


On Wednesday, in the midst of the recent Ebola panic, a passenger on US Airways Flight 850 from Philadelphia to Punta Cana, Dominican Republic, made an off-hand comment about possibly having Ebola. Specifics are unclear, but first-hand accounts suggest the man, who had been coughing during the flight, mentioned the virus and having “been to Africa” […]