How to Get Upgraded to First Class


Everyone always asks me how they can get upgraded into business or first class. If I had the fool-proof answer, I would be rich—really rich. Unfortunately, since the airlines have cut capacity and taken away much of their agents’ control, times have changed. No longer can you just flash a business card or sweet-talk your […]

Australia Offers U.S. Visitors Automated Customs


Johnny has long touted the U.S. Trusted Traveler program for people who do a lot of international travel. Now Australia has opened its automated border processing system, SmartGate, to U.S. Trusted Travelers. When U.S. Trusted Travelers arrive in Australia, they can bypass the passport processing queues and self-process using an ePassport. How does it work? […]

The 12 Tricks to Traveling with Toddlers and Infants

Picture of child from Shutterstock

I’m sure most new moms are already aware that traveling with an infant is infinitely harder than traveling alone. Even going to the store can be a major production – with bottles, diaper bags, diaper wipes, diapers, more diapers, and burp cloths – it can be difficult to get out of the door in less […]

Best San Francisco Travel Tips Contest Winners!


We asked for your best tips for traveling in the City by the Bay, and we’ve chosen our two favorites: Jeanne from Santa Rosa, CA says: “My favorite travel tip for San Francisco is…Be sure to have either lunch or dinner in North Beach then go to see Beach Blanket Babylon. BBB is a uniquely […]

12 Things You Never Knew About Italy

Prata di Pardenone

My husband Tim and I just recently celebrated three years of living in Italy. I think back to previous trips to Italy and if I had only known then what we know now! We’ve learned by making mistakes and falling into the tourists traps of overpriced cappuccinos and bad gelato (yes, bad gelato does exist!). […]

10 Ways To Travel Like a Frequent Flier


I travel so much that this stuff is second nature to me but it reminded me that most people don’t know what I do which is why I put together this step-by-step guide. It’s especially good for holiday travel.

Submit Your Best Travel Tip And Win “Convenient” Goodies


As a collective group, if  each tourist had a dollar for every time they said “Damn, I wish I knew … ” while abroad, my guess is they’d challenge a lottery jackpot. Oprah would likely call this your ‘Aha!’ moment. Unfortunately, ‘Aha!’ moments, after the fact, in the air or overseas are not very helpful. […]

Travel News: Week of June, 11th, 2012

Ways to save on summer flights to Europe

Top Travel News 9 ways to save on summer flights to Europe Walt Disney World hikes single-day tickets to $89 Boston airport is testing free bus program No butts about it: Fewer U.S. airports allow smoking Women increasingly targeted for assault in Egypt’s Tahrir Square Investment banker kicked off flight from JFK to LAX after […]