Travel Website of the Week:

As most of you know, I hate resort fees. I just think they’re sneaky. Not only do guests usually get dinged at check-in by them, and not only are they usually discovered too late to avoid paying them because they’re buried in the fine print (which no one reads), but also because resort fees are a way for hotels to avoid […]

Travel Website of the Week: Liftopia


We’ve featured their incredible deals before, but it’s time to make sure everyone knows to check Liftopia anytime they’re planning on skiing in the US, Canada or beyond. Liftopia has the largest inventory of lift tickets anywhere—at more than 250 resorts in North America alone—and is the place to go to buy them in advance. The site is […]

Travel Website of the Week: NameShouts


NameShouts might just be a big help when you travel next—especially if you’ve ever found yourself having trouble pronouncing someone’s name. NameShouts helps you pronounce a person’s name correctly, as it would be by native speakers, and it’s free. Just type in a person’s full name (there are over 14,000 names in their database) and the language […]

Travel Website of the Week: Killer Rezzy

Killer Rezzy

Are you in or headed to New York City? Want to get a table at one of the hot new restaurants but don’t have weeks, if not months, to wait in advance? Killer Rezzy is a new premium restaurant reservation service that provides users with instant, confirmed reservations at some of the best restaurants in town. Membership […]

Travel Website of the Week: TaxiFareFinder’s RideGuru


I’m a big fan of TaxiFareFinder’s RideGuru, which tells you how much taxis and rideshares cost wherever you’re in need of a ride so you can compare. For example, the other day I needed to get my dad a ride from Manhattan Beach to San Pedro and a taxi was $65 for the 25-minute ride, while […]

Travel Website of the Week: Washington Post Transit Map Quiz

Transit maps

Are you a world traveler that takes public transportation? If yes, see if you can name these cities just by looking at their transit maps in this Washington Post quiz! Although I know many of the ten subway systems included, I didn’t fare very well. How about you?

Travel Video of the Week: Costa Rican Animals Want to Save the Americans

Save the Americans

Kudos to the Costa Rican Tourism Board for creating this hilarious video of their jungle animals (sloth, turtles, toucans and parrots) singing the tune “The Lion Sleeps Tonight.” The campaign was inspired by the 2013 Expedia Vacation Deprivation survey, which found that Americans leave more than 500,000,000 vacations days unused each year. The Costa Rican Tourism Board claims […]

Travel Website of the Week: Where Do I End Up If I Dig Straight Down?


Here’s a fun site/page that I wish had been around when I was a kid as I often contemplated where I’d end up if I dug a hole through my Connecticut backyard through the center of the earth. I thought I’d end up in China, but it turns out I would’ve come out hundreds of miles off […]