Travel Website of the Week: Coupons on Checkout

Coupons at Checkout

I learned about Coupons at Checkout by way of Clark Howard, who has been kind enough to write about my site multiple times in past books. Whenever you shop online—including for travel products—there’s a chance you can find a coupon code to apply to what you’re buying. Clark says the easiest way to find coupon codes […]

Travel Website of the Week: The Unseen Africa

The Unseen Africa

Africa is really suffering right now, and not just west Africa. Unfortunately, most Americans don’t realize how big Africa is and in the midst of all the news about Ebola, many have canceled their trips, even to east and southern Africa. Africa is so large that it could fit both the United States and Europe […]

Travel Website of the Week: Barclaycard Travel Community


When I went down to Delaware recently, my friends from Barclaycard told me all about their Barclaycard Travel Community. Initially I thought to myself, “Yeah, yeah, every site and company has a travel community,” but then they said something that really made me perk up: Members earn miles for their community activity, which is a huge […]

Travel Website of the Week: Who To Tip

Who To Tip

Who To Tip is a very basic site with its share of grammatical errors, but it does do one thing very well: help travelers know who and how to tip in over 75 countries in the world—from Argentina to Vietnam. The information is detailed and thorough, and it can help a lot when you’re traveling in an unfamiliar […]

Travel Website of the Week: Hotel Power

Hotel Power

This site is launching today (October 14), and it promises to change the way travelers squeeze savings out of every hotel stay, thanks to the connections, buying power and savvy of its parent company, GTI, one of the nation’s largest travel agencies. The press release states that even on top of its deeply discounted room rates (“often more than […]

Travel Website of the Week: MileCalc


It’s just about that time—that time when mileage junkies start flying all across the globe and returning home without leaving the airport. Why will they do this? So they can retain their elite status with the airlines. And this could be the last year we see this since both Delta and United are switching from mile-based to revenue-based […]

Travel Website of the Week: Travel & Style


My wife’s good friend and former colleague Jennifer is the co-creator of a new digital travel magazine: Travel & Style. Based in Toronto, Jennifer and partner Stephanie offer timely travel stories on their website for anyone who loves to travel—or at least loves to daydream about it. Their latest piece is about the Venice hotels where George Clooney’s […]

Travel Website of the Week:


Have you seen the movie The Holiday with Kate Winslet, Cameron Diaz and Jude Law, where Kate’s character swaps her English cottage with Cameron’s plush L.A. home? Well, it turns out the website they used,, is an actual website and has been around since 1992! What’s even more surprising is that it wasn’t product […]