Website of the Week:

Are you fascinated with flying as much as I am? If you are and you like to see (or share) stats about your journeys, then check out They originally launched in Germany but have a free English site as well. All you need to do is register and input your flights.It will tell you […]

Website of the Week: Jet Lag Rooster

Jet Lag Rooster Website

The Jet Lag Rooster is a new website that is supposed to be a “free, simple, and effective way to reduce or prevent jet lag”. I haven’t tried it yet since I didn’t fly this week, but it doesn’t appear to have much use for road warriors. However, first time travelers could benefit from it. […]

Website of the Week: Why are Americans so…

Why are Americans so...

Here’s a map of American state stereotypes, generated by Google autocomplete. It’s pretty funny (and accurate).

Website of the Week: Infographic: Savvy Snowbird Pre-Trip Tips

Website of the Week

It’s that time of year when the snowbirds fly south and create traffic jams all around Florida. To help make your move go more smoothly cross these items off your to-do list.

Website of the Week: All About Birds

All About Birds

All About Birds is a bird guide that will be appreciated by anyone who loves to observe birds. “Birders” are a growing trend in the travel industry and I’m one of them. This website has information on 585 species including turkeys which will be on most American’s dinner table this Thursday. On this site, you […]

Website of the Week: Invitation Only Website is an invitation only website that launched a few days ago and promises airfare discounts up to 40 percent off to users who are willing to let the GetGoing pick your final destination. That’s right. You choose the dates and tell them which region you want to go to or what type of experience […]

Website of the Week: GroundLink

ith GroundLink you can schedule a ride in advance or at the last minute

Looking for a dependable and affordable car service when you travel? GroundLink, located in 5,000 cities in 110 countries might make you not look any further! I tried them out last week in NYC and was impressed with how easy and quick it was to book a car and correspond with their customer service agents. […]

Website of the Week: Want Me Get Me

Want Me Get Me

Just launched today, Want Me Get Me is a free members-only hotel booking site that aims to give travelers exclusive access to perks and amenities usually reserved for celebrities, rock stars, and platinum rewards status priority guests at the world’s best hotels. For the first time, travelers pay standard hotel room rates and get to […]