Website of the Week: Flightradar24

Flight Radar 24

Flightradar24 shows live airplane traffic from all around the world. The technique they use to receive the flight information is called ADS-B. Which means they can only show information about aircraft equipped with an ADS-B transponder which about 60% (about 30% in USA and about 70% in Europe) of the passenger aircraft have (here’s a […]

Website of the Week:

Nanny in the Clouds

This idea is so simple and ingenious you are going to think “why didn’t I come up with it?” Nanny In The Clouds matches families flying with young children with people already on the flight who are willing to act as nannies for the kids. It’s a matching service that should improve the quality of […]

Website of the Week:

I’ve never used this free site but I just heard about it so I thought I would spread the word since it’s being billed as “the Craigslist for Groupons”. Basically at Couprecoup you can buy Groupon type deals in your city, even after they’re sold out. So if you missed a great deal from a […]

Website of the Week:

Smarter Travel Media launched a really cool website last week, called Tingo. It’s the only site to automatically rebook travelers’ rooms when rates drop – and then refund their credit cards immediately after their stays. Think of it as the “set it and forget it” of online travel. So no matter how far out you […]

Website of the Week:

Screen Shot 2012-03-13 at 5.09.44 PM

Ever since United and Continental merged their computers the hold times at reservations have been horrific. So if you are tired of waiting on hold for them, other airlines or any company for that matter give a shot. It’s an ingenious FREE service. All you do is log on to their website, type in […]

Website of the Week: TurbulenceForecast

Screen Shot 2012-03-06 at 10.30.54 AM

I recently flew from Toronto to L.A. on American Airlines and that flight now has Wi-Fi thanks to Gogo. I almost always use it so when the captain announced we were descending rapidly because we were about to hit severe turbulence due to an unusual strong Jetstream the first site I logged on to was […]

Website of the Week:


On Sunday, I spoke at Jetset Social in downtown Los Angeles. I was first taken back at how amazing a job the crew did and then secondly how many of the panelists and audience members had never heard of . It’s one of the newest and most popular social networks that’s driving a ton […]

Website of the Week:


Here’s a new and unique website if I’ve ever seen one. Flightfox is a platform for crowd-sourced (or human-powered) flight search. They describe crowd-sourcing as the act of multiple people helping you to do something. That means multiple flight experts search for your flights by hand but they won’t do it for free so you […]