Cleveland’s Cuisine: Lucky’s & Tommy’s

Lucky's Cafe, Photos by: Trishna Patel

Lucky’s cafe is a small diner tucked way in the heart of Tremont, one of the oldest neighborhoods in Cleveland. It’s a spot locals frequent in addition to “outta-towners,” privy to insider information. Named Cleveland’s best brunch in 2010, I liken the experience to gaining ” foodie street cred.” It’s hard to believe head chef and […]

Quirky Cleveland: A Christmas House

A Christmas House

Tucked away in the old, quaint suburb of Tremont in West Cleveland, is the original house from the 1983 cult classic, “A Christmas Story.” Yes, that’s right, Ralphie Parker’s house wasn’t actually located in Hohman, Indiana as it’s portrayed in the film. (I realize for some this may be life changing information.) In 2004 a […]

Quirky Cleveland: The Dittrick Museum of Medical History

Contraception Through The Ages Exhibit, Photo by: Trishna Patel

The Dittrick Museum of Medical History, part of Case Western University, looks like your typical college library; an older building with study rooms, bookshelves, and regal furnishings. The museum, known for its unorthodox collections on the progress of medical history, is one-of-a-kind. Upon first glance the amputating set from 1861 and pictures of medical students posing […]