Website of the Week: Tweriod


One of the websites I learned about at this weekend’s L.A. Times Travel Show was from my fellow panelist, Jessica Marati of It won’t save you money, but if you use Twitter for business it might make you money. It’s called Tweriod and it’s a free tool that helps you make the most of […]

13 Travel Tweeters to Follow in 2013

Johnny Jet Twitter

Twitter is one of the go-to places for travelers to turn to get information, recommendations and travel inspiration. There are plenty of great travel tweeters to choose from but the 13 below will not disappoint. These tweeters are for those who love to travel, are eager to learn travel tips and want to stay informed […]

Tweeter of the Day: Donald Trump

Donald Trump

  If you happened to be watching NBC’s coverage of last night’s election you would’ve heard Brian Williams describe Donald Trump as “well past the last exit to relevance” since his Twitter feed (@realDonaldTrump) was filled with sore loser remarks. I thought The Donald might’ve been drunk or his account hijacked  but it wasn’t. Today it’s […]

Tweeter of the Week: @SPACEdotcom


It’s been a busy week for space news. This Twitter handle is one of the best to follow for news coverage and conversation about space science, astronomy and exploration. With the exception of the death of Neil Armstrong this past week, most of their focus is on the $2.5 billion Mars rover and its 10 […]

Tweeter of the Week: @earthXplorer

JD Andrews

JD Andrews is a world traveler, dad, three-time Emmy winner, videographer, adventurer and photographer. He travels a ton and tweets a lot! He’s a great guy and I traveled with him to Trinidad and Tobago in January. He was constantly on his phone either tweeting or playing with apps which is why I asked him […]

Tweeter of the Week: @DiscoverAmerica


What better way to honor our country than by choosing as our Tweeter of the Week? These guys Tweet on travel to the United States of America, from Brand USA, the official travel & tourism organization of the USA. Sample recent tweet: Reason #5 to visit USA this summer: From Waikiki Beach to Lahaina Harbor, […]

Tweeter of the Week: @ehasbrouck

Edward Hasbrouck Twitter

Edward Hasbrouck (aka The Practical Nomad) is an author, journalist, blogger, consumer advocate, travel expert and consultant to the Identity Project on travel-related civil liberties issues. He’s based in San Francisco, CA and although he doesn’t tweet often, when he does it’s either for a good cause or he will teach you something like this […]

Tweeter of the Week: @LuxPRLady

Allison Sitch

Allison Sitch is a real-time, luxury travel PR lady from England. She lives in the U.S. but travels often for business and pleasure. Although she works for Ritz-Carlton she doesn’t just tweet about them. For example a recent tweet was 10 hidden gems of Europe. Follow her at @LuxPRLady. You can also follow me on […]