Travel Video of the Week: Salvaging the Costa Concordia

Salvaging the Costa Concordia

“60 Minutes” just did a fascinating report on the bold plan to salvage the wrecked Costa Concordia off the coast of Italy without creating an environmental catastrophe. It’s been over a year and a half since the wreck and the Italian luxury liner is now awaiting one of the most expensive and daunting salvage operations […]

Travel Video of the Week: NIGHTVISION


NIGHTVISION comes from American videography student Luke Shepard, who’s studying at the American University of Paris. He created this amazing three-minute video using footage compiled as he and his buddy traveled to 36 cities in 21 countries in Europe. Drawing funding from a Kickstarter campaign, they filmed some of the greatest buildings, monuments, and landmarks across Europe […]

Video of the Week: Heineken Departure Roulette

Heineken Departure Roulette

Here’s a brilliant marketing stunt by Heineken. The beer maker set up a specially designed “departure roulette” board in JFK’s Terminal 8 and asked travelers heading to their gates if they would be willing to scratch their plans and take a leap of faith by pressing the roulette button—which would assign them a new destination […]

Video of the Week: USTOA Dancing with Matt

USTOA Dancing with Matt

Here’s a fun video released by the United States Tour Operators Association (USTOA) that features Matt Harding, the viral internet dance and travel sensation. In this newest video, he travels to dance with US travelers in nine iconic locations, including Chile, France, Tanzania, Ireland, Australia’s Northern Territory, Malaysia, Korea, New York’s Coney Island and Alaska. […]

Video of the Week: Holland vs the Netherlands

Holland vs the Netherlands

In honor of traveling through the Netherlands just a few days ago, I thought it would be a good time to feature a popular YouTube video (with over three million views) explaining the difference between the two.

Video of the Week: Woman kicked off flight for singing Whitney Houston songs

Woman kicked off flight for singing Whitney Houston songs

As you might have seen last week, an American Airlines flight from LAX to JFK got diverted to Kansas City because a passenger wouldn’t stop singing Whitney Houston songs. Here’s the crazy story from CBS with the video embedded. What’s interesting is that you can hear the flight attendant saying that no photos are allowed […]

Video of the Week: How Dirty Is Your Plane?

How Dirty Is Your Plane?

This CBS 11 (Fort Worth) investigation will make you think twice about putting your belongings in the seatback pocket of an airplane. Eww! If you need proof that airplanes are breeding grounds for all kinds of nasty bacteria then watch this four-minute video. I think it might be time to buy stock in those antibacterial […]

Video of the Week: Johnny Jet’s Mary River Wetlands ATV Tour

Mary River Wetlands ATV Tour

G’ day! I recently returned from one of my favorite countries… Australia! I traveled all around their amazing land and I will be sharing my stories, photos and videos in the weeks to come. My first video was shot in a remote area a couple hours outside of Darwin at the “top end” of Australia […]