Website of the Week: DISboards


Are you a Disney fan? If you are, and if you’re planning a trip to one of the Disney resorts, then you might want to check out DISboards. It’s billed as the internet’s largest and friendliest Disney community. It’s an old school forum with thousands of threads to help everyone from newbies to season ticket […]

Travel Website of the Week:

You know what I love about the web? That there are tons of—almost limitless—niche websites where you can find valuable information relevant to anything you need. is the latest of these—they give users cruise port parking and cruise port details for 27 major port cities.

Travel Website of the Week: Boeing’s 787 Dreamliner LIVE

Boeing 787 Dreamliner LIVE

I discovered this website walking the showroom floor of the GBTA conference last week in San Diego. Boeing had a booth set up with large 787 models (each one cost upwards of $40,000) and a couple of flat screens showcasing their Dreamliner. The most fascinating thing: Boeing has created a slick website that lets all […]

Travel Website of the Week: Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP)


There’s a lot of news about terrorism threats these days, and a bunch of readers have been emailing me saying they are nervous to travel. I wouldn’t be unless I was going to the Middle East, North Africa or the Arabian Peninsula—and enrolling with STEP is a good idea anywhere. The U.S. Government created the […]

Website of the Week: Smart Destinations

Smart Destinations

Everyone wants to save money when they travel—including me! If you plan on traveling to a U.S. city and doing a lot of sightseeing (alone or with the family), then you should seriously consider getting a Smart Destinations Go Card, because it’ll save you up to 55% on top attractions. For example, those traveling to […]

Website of the Week: All About Birds

All About Birds

All About Birds is a bird guide that will be appreciated by anyone who loves to observe birds. “Birders” are a growing trend in the travel industry and I’m one of them. This website has information on 585 species including turkeys which will be on most American’s dinner table this Thursday. On this site, you […]

Website of the Week: Want Me Get Me

Want Me Get Me

Just launched today, Want Me Get Me is a free members-only hotel booking site that aims to give travelers exclusive access to perks and amenities usually reserved for celebrities, rock stars, and platinum rewards status priority guests at the world’s best hotels. For the first time, travelers pay standard hotel room rates and get to […]

Website of the Week: UsingMiles

Free Premier Membership

Here’s a cool new frequent flyer/reward points service called UsingMiles. The site helps you manage and redeem your miles and points from the multitude of loyalty programs. Roughly $16 billion in miles expire each year, often because consumers find it too confusing and time-consuming to keep track of all their various membership and loyalty programs. […]