Travel Website of the Week:

Last week, I featured as our Travel Website of the Week a site called AirHelp, which helps get you money when your flight is canceled, delayed or overbooked. Well, is another site that will help you do the same. Just log into to the site (or app), key in your data and upload your documents (e.g. ticket) and […]

Travel Website of the Week: Plane Finder

Travel Website of the Week: PlaneFinder

Plane Finder This will be an aviation lover’s new favorite bookmark. This website/app is mindboggling as it displays almost every commercial scheduled flight in near real time. Zoom in or out of the Google map and click on any of the thousands of airborne planes from around the world to see its flight stats, arrival […]

Website of the Week: The Twenty Dollar Trick

The Twenty Dollar Trick On Saturday, I was on Leo Laporte’s show The Tech Guy, as I am every week at 3:30pm ET. One of the stories I mentioned was hotel secrets from a front desk clerk who just wrote a book. Here’s the link to his 10 tips. But one of those tips is to slip $20 […]

Website of the Week: KnowDelay


Frequent fliers and business travelers will love this! It’s a website that alerts passengers three days in advance what the chances are of a weather-related delay. is a brand new site created by former pilot Geoff Murray that factors in meteorology and years of on-time performance data to get a better understanding of how […]

Website of the Week: Pintrips


Similar to the way Pinterest works, this new online tool allows travelers to “pin” and see flights they’ve found across the web in one spot and share them publicly or privately. It automatically updates real time prices and availability no matter what site the flight was found on. Anyone you’ve shared a Pintrips board with […]

Website of the Week: Mile Value Calculator

Frequent Flier Mile Value Calculator

Accruing airline miles is a game to most people but trying to figure out what the miles are worth practically requires a PhD in economics. To help you decide if you should pay with miles or cash, check out this “Mile Value Calculator.” The blog that it’s located on isn’t the most eye-pleasing but it’s […]

Website of the Week:

Here’s a brilliant, simple service that some travelers (especially families) will find super useful. provides users with free alerts, either by e-mail or text message, well in advance (16 months) of their passport expiring. You can stop the alerts any time, either through the website or by replying to the text message alerts. I […]

Website of the Week: Worldwide Etiquette Guide

Worldwide Etiquette Guide

Here’s a brilliant website that the Swissotel brand created. It’s an interactive guide about worldwide etiquette. It offers guidance on various forms of social etiquette, including how much to tip, how to dine without committing any faux pas, as well as the various ways of greeting people and saying “cheers” around the world. It contains […]