Singapore Airlines Launches In-Flight Internet

Singapore Airlines

Great news for long-haul travelers! Singapore Airlines formally launched in-flight connectivity as part of a $50 million program to bring internet and mobile data services to customers at 35,000 feet. In-Flight Connectivity is available today on 14 aircraft in the fleet, including all five Airbus A340-500s which are deployed on the world’s longest non-stop flights, between […]

Website of the Week: TurbulenceForecast

Screen Shot 2012-03-06 at 10.30.54 AM

I recently flew from Toronto to L.A. on American Airlines and that flight now has Wi-Fi thanks to Gogo. I almost always use it so when the captain announced we were descending rapidly because we were about to hit severe turbulence due to an unusual strong Jetstream the first site I logged on to was […]

American Airlines offers 30 minutes of free Wi-Fi through Feb 16, 2012


Right now I’m 37,000 feet up on an American Airlines flight to … (I will give hints when I land on my Twitter handle @JohnnyJet) and surfing the web thanks to Gogo and Citi Bank’s free 30-minute promotion (through February 16). Here’s the link for more details.