Lareau Farm Inn, Mad River Valley, Vermont

Mad River Valley

By Highroad Cam and Georgie Jet: After leaving one of the premiere resorts in all of Vermont, the Stowe Mountain Lodge, (Read more aboout our time in Stowe here.) Georgie Jet, Baci, (our Chocolate Labrador) and I headed south alongside the Green Mountain range about 45 minutes to our next destination – a classic and humble country inn on […]

A Lesson in Mushing


Our six Alaskan huskies are running at full speed as our sled glides over the fresh snow of Spitsbergen. Clutching the snow hook to my chest with one hand, I’m snapping away with the camera in the other as Tim takes his turn at driving the sled first. I’m impressed with his control of the […]

Alyeska Resort in Girdwood, Alaska

Sunset on Chugach Mountains 2

Snow covered roads wind through caverns lined with sugar coated pines from October through April. Annual snowfall for Girdwood is 650 inches. Alyeska is Alaska’s premier Ski Resort with over 300 rooms slope side. The skiing is accessed through a fun and thrilling vertical tram ride to the top. Located 40 minutes south of Ted Steven’s […]

What to do in Yosemite National Park

Getting ready to go snowshoeing

Yosemite is majestic, romantic, peaceful, and mysterious all at once. The picturesque views, the waterfalls, and the vast views of the Valley are breathtaking. Note: There is a $20 entrance fee to visit the park. Cross-Country Skiing and Snowshoeing During winter, the best way to explore is by snowshoeing or cross-country skiing. I had never […]

Our Polar Expedition: 4 Snowmobiles and the Possibility of Polar Bears

This sign warns of polar bears in Svalbard

Gjelder hele Svalbard. This sign stands on the outskirts of Longyearbyen and indicates this is the farthest it’s safe to go outside the settlement without a high-powered rifle for protection. In fact, the locals around town had been abuzz that polar bear paw prints had been spotted less than 1 kilometer from town. We would […]

Chasing the Aurora Borealis


“Lights on the left!”, Ivar, our guide for the evening, shouts. We’re on a Northern Lights chase bus and Ivar has one mission: to find us a clear spot where we’ll have the best chance to spot the lights. Our evening starts with Ivar explaining he will do everything possible to find us a clear […]

A Snowy Reindeer Sleigh Ride in Tromsø, Norway


The snow is falling in heavy flakes and the cloud cover blocks the light of the moon and stars. We’re at Risvika on Kvaloya (Whale Island) at a rural farm where the Sami people live and herd reindeer. As our eyes adjust to the total darkness, suddenly outlines of reindeer appear.  The ringing of the […]