Travel News: Week of November 6, 2013


Top Travel News United ups mileage needed for many frequent-flier tickets Spirit Airlines mulls tying fees to flight demand Britney Spears songs are actually being used to fight Somali pirates Alaska updates minimum check in policy to 40 minutes Southwest to offer tablet rentals on select routes Delta to launch 757s with flat-bed seats in […]

Celebrating Namibia on World Rhino Day

The group in Yellowstone National Park (Photo: Kasey Austin | Austin-Lehman Adventures)

Say the words “conservation,” “wildlife protection,” or “sustainability” and you’re going to lose a lot of people. Not necessarily because they don’t care, but because let’s face it – it’s not a sexy topic. It can’t compete with something funny or entertaining because it quite simply is not. It takes time to process and understand, […]

Yellowstone National Park


By Georgette Diamandis: Having two million acres to yourself is an indescribable feeling. OK, so there are a few crazy snowmobilers out there, but for the most part, this is serenity at its best. I went out to Yellowstone in mid-January, and although it was probably the coldest it ever gets (-43 degrees F at […]